Warrior of the Lost World
©1983 A.D.I. Inc.


Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: R?

Also known as:
Il giustiziere della terra perduta
Mad Rider

The evil Prossor (Donald Pleasance) has formed a deadly militia, called the Omega, to rule a post-apocalyptic future. In the wastelands, a small group, called the Outsiders, struggle against Prossor and his Omegas. Travelling on his computer-controlled supersonic speedcycle, a lone warrior (Robert Ginty) battles both the Omegas and bands of murderous outlaws. While fleeing these outlaws, the warrior penetrates the 'secret wall of illusion' and meets the Outsiders. After healing his wounds, the Outsiders ask him to rescue Professor McWayne (Harrison Muller Sr.), a scientist who is going to be executed by the Omegas. The warrior refuses, until McWayne's daughter Nastasia (Persis Khambatta) threatens to kill him if he doesn't help. While sneaking into the city, Nastasia and the warrior are attacked by mutants and the warrior realizes that Nastasia isn't as tough as she pretends to be. Once inside the city, they learn that McWayne's public execution is imminent and join the audience watching the event. When McWayne is brought out, they overpower a guard and use the element of surprise to attempt an escape. Unfortunately, McWayne and the warrior get away but Nastasia is captured. McWayne decides that the only way to defeat Prossor and get his daughter pack is to unite the geeks, rednecks, neo-nazis, amazons and martial artists that roam the wastelands. By defeating the best that each 'tribe' has to offer, the warrior creates a single unified army. Meanwhile, Prossor is busy brainwashing Nastasia and turning her into his obedient slave. Outside the city, the warrior and some of his newfound allies use guerilla tactics to attack Omega forces and gather weapons while another group sneaks into the city and attacks the Omega's computer center. Finally cornering Prossor in his office, McWayne and the warrior are stunned to find the mindless Nastasia holding a gun to her own head. When ordered by Prossor, Nastasia shoots the warrior but when Prossor orders her to shoot her father, she turns and shoots Prossor instead. Later, the Outsiders celebrate their victory while the warrior kisses Nastasia and rides off into the sunset. However, unknown to them, the Prossor that Nastasia shot was only an android duplicate and one of their own (Fred Williamson) has been working for Prossor all along.

Type of mind control: Brainwashing

Mind control scenes:
There are two mind control scenes in this movie. The first is when Nastasia is actually brainwashed. She is hooked to a machine and struggles valiantly before finally succumbing and staring straight ahead with a blank expression as Prossor outlines her horrible future. The second scene is when McWayne and the warrior confront Prossor and find out that Nastasia is under his control.

Subjective Rating: 2 out of 5
Although the mind control in this movie is very brief, it's reasonably well done. Persis Khambatta's acting skill lends well to walking around stiffly with a blank expression and reciting lines in a stilted voice. The only problem is that sometimes it's hard to tell when she's not being controlled. The comments by the real Prossor at the end lead me to think there was supposed to be a sequel, possibly with more mind control (Was Nastasia really freed from Prossor's control?) but it never happened. All in all, this a cheesy movie with cheesy mind control and should probably be skipped unless you're a mouse.

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