Voyage of the Rock Aliens
©1984 KGA/Interplanetary Curb


Genre: Musical

Rating: PG

ABCD (Tom Nolan) and his crew, EFGHI (Jeffrey Casey), JKLM (Gregory Bond), NOPQR (Craig Quiter), STUVWXYZ (Patrick Byrnes), AEIOU (Marc Jackson) and their robot 1359 (the voice of Peter Cullen), are obsessed with locating the source of rock and roll they find it on Earth. Meanwhile, in the small town of Speelburgh, Dee Dee (Pia Zadora) is frustrated when her boyfriend Frankie (Craig Sheffer) won't let her sing with his band, The Pack (Jimmy and the Mustangs). Landing in Speelburgh, the aliens try to blend in with the inhabitants but the local sheriff (Ruth Gordon) has seen them land and sets out to destroy them. Things are made even worse when ABCD falls head over heels for Dee Dee. ABCD and his crew form their own band and Dee Dee's friend Diane (Alison LaPlaca) asks them to play at the Heidi High Cotillion that night. Desperate to win Dee Dee's heart (or at least her body), ABCD uses a device designed to stimulate female sexual response but he doesn't account for differences in human physiology. When he uses the device, ABCD is mobbed by a group of aroused men but, luckily, the device is broken during the attack. Even more luckily, Dee Dee offers to lend first aid and, when she tells ABCD about her problems with Frankie, ABCD offers to let her sing with his band. Frankie is not impressed and orders The Pack to beat up ABCD but a simple force field leaves ABCD unharmed. Resorting to plan B, Frankie orders The Pack to keep the aliens out of the cotillion but a trip through the plumbing puts Frankie's plan in the toilet...literally. A battle of the bands ensues with Frankie and The Pack on one side and Dee Dee and the aliens on the other. After the cotillion, Dee Dee asks ABCD if she can join their band and ABCD agrees. But when she finds out that it means leaving the planet forever, Dee Dee changes her mind. Meanwhile, Frankie has discovered that Dee Dee means more to him than The Pack and dissolves the group. Unfortunately, The Pack doesn't take it well and decide to beat up Frankie and Dee Dee. Elsewhere, Frankie and Dee Dee are rescued from a monster from the toxic Lake Eerie by Diane and an escaped mental patient (Michael Berryman) and declare their love for each other. Realizing that Dee Dee and Frankie are meant to be together, ABCD decides to leave Earth but uses 'alien persuasion' to turn The Pack into boy scouts and clean up the lake before he goes.

Type of mind control: Alien device

Mind control scenes:
The only definite mind control scene is when ABCD uses his alien device to try and sexually stimulate Dee Dee but ends up stimulating all the men in the local teen hangout instead. His transformation of The Pack into boy scouts at the end of the movie might also be mind control but their change in attitude is accompanied by a change in their clothes so their transformation may be more than just mind control.

Subjective Rating: 1 out of 5
The mind control in this movie is totally silly, far too brief, and completely pointless. It's like it was thrown in as an afterthought to get more laughs and does nothing for the story line. I wouldn't recommend this movie unless you crave a plethora of 1980's music or Pia Zadora's feeble acting abilities. Whatever you do, don't bother watching it for the mind control. You'll be sorely disappointed.

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