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Genre: Adult

Rating: NC-17

In a convent school, Vanessa (Olivia Pascal) is brought before the Mother Superior to be punished for looking at dirty pictures. However, the Mother Superior tells Vanessa that her Uncle Richard has died, leaving her his vast fortune, and that it's time for her to go. Travelling to Hong Kong to meet Anthony Gruder, the executor of her uncle's estate, Vanessa instead meets Jackie (Uschi Zech), his niece. Jackie informs Vanessa that she has inherited a string of bordellos and a plantation. Jackie then receives a call from her brother-in-law, Kenneth (Anton Diffring), who is looking for Jackie's sister Kay. Jackie tells Kenneth that Kay is off sleeping with her new dressmaker. Kenneth tracks down his unfaithful wife and he indeed finds her having sex with her dressmaker but he simply writes the word 'hure' (whore) on a mirror and leaves. Meanwhile, Anthony is informing Vanessa that the overseer of the plantation, Adrian (Günter Clemens), is claiming that he is Richard's illegitimate son and that he should inherit the plantation. At the plantation, Adrian makes love to a beautiful Asian woman. That evening, Kenneth and Kay exchange barbed comments about her infidelity and she suggests he get even by having an affair with Vanessa. She says it would also solve his 'financial crisis'. When Vanessa arrives, Kenneth seems interested and Kay offers to take her shopping for new clothes. While shopping the next day, Kay and Vanessa run into Kenneth and he introduces Vanessa to the Prince, a great magician. Kenneth takes over Vanessa's tour of the city and, while he is busy in one of the markets, she wanders off to check out one of the bordellos she now owns. After watching for a few minutes, she flees in disgust. Back home, Anthony tries to compromise with Adrian about the plantation but Adrian is unwilling to listen...until he sees Vanessa. The next day, Jackie and Vanessa visit the plantation and Adrian is very charming, while still trying to convince Vanessa that the plantation should be his. He gives Vanessa a tour of the plantation and they stop at a small temple where Adrian finally drops his facade of civility and tries to force himself on Vanessa. Luckily, Kenneth interrupts him. Back at the house, Adrian's Asian girlfriend is destroying Vanessa's belongings, afraid Vanessa will take Adrian away from her. Adrian tells her to leave Vanessa alone but, that night, Vanessa finds a snake in her bed. When the snake fails to kill Vanessa, the girlfriend uses a doll and a lock of Vanessa's hair to cast a spell on Vanessa. Luckily, Jackie calls on the Prince to break the spell. The next day, Jackie and Vanessa get into a discussion about sex and Vanessa tells Jackie about the lesbian encounters that occurred at the convent and the 'punishments', which included whipping and fondling by the nuns. Jackie seduces Vanessa. The movie then cuts to a brief interlude involving the Prince and Kay in some kind of temple, where Kay appears to have sex with an invisible lover while the Prince watches. When Adrian loses his claim on the plantation, he confides to Kay that he doesn't care about the plantation anymore and that he's in love with Vanessa. At a dinner celebrating Vanessa's inheritance, the discussion turns to magic and the Prince brags that he can copulate with a woman at a distance without anyone noticing. To demonstrate, he looks into Vanessa's eyes and she seems to go into a trance, imagining herself making love to the Prince while they others continue to eat and talk. The next day, Vanessa is supposed to go shopping with Kay but Kay sends Vanessa to their estate with Kenneth, hoping that Kenneth will seduce Vanessa and provide her with grounds for divorce. Unfortunately, Kenneth's seduction involves strapping Vanessa to a 'torture machine' and whipping her. Luckily, Jackie and Adrian rush to Vanessa's rescue. The movie ends with Vanessa telling Adrian that she's returning to Europe and that he's in charge of the plantation. Adrian promises to work hard on the plantation and to wait for Vanessa to return.

Type of mind control: Hypnosis/Magic

Mind control scenes:
The first mind control scene may or may not be Adrian's girlfriend's spell on Vanessa. It causes Vanessa pain but whether the effect is mental or physical is unclear. The next mind control scene is the Prince and Kay in the temple, where the Prince makes love to Kay without touching her. At first, the effect seems to be physical, with Kay writhing around in pleasure but the scene ends with Kay simply sitting there and staring into the Prince's eyes. The same effect occurs with Vanessa at dinner. She is shown having sex with the Prince on the dinner table but really just sits motionless, staring into the Prince's eyes.

Subjective Rating: 3 out of 5
Assuming that the spell Adrian's girlfriend casts on Vanessa is really mind control, there are still only three mind control scenes in the movie and they're fairly brief. The last two scenes involving the Prince are very nice but more for their eroticism than their depiction of mind control. The Prince simply stares into the women's eyes, while playing with some beads, and the women stare back. In the first of these two scenes, Kay is then shown writhing around while apparently caressing someone we can't see. With Vanessa, we see her having sex with Prince. Why we can see Vanessa having sex with the Prince while we can't see Kay's lover is unclear. Both scenes end with a return to the Prince and the women staring at each other. This movie also has some fairly violent sexual scenes that some people may find disturbing.

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