The Uranus Experiment 1
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Genre: Adult

Rating: NC-17

Also known as:
The Uranus Experiment
Private Black Label 6
Black Label 6: The Uranus Experiment

Synopsis: (Note: There is an edited version, which has about half-an-hour missing from the middle)
The movie opens with the Russians and Americans preparing to simultaneously launch space shuttles on a joint mission to Uranus. It then goes back a year to a KGB commander informing agent Helena Vashinski (Wanda Curtis) that they have chosen Dr. Olga Wiborova (Christina Dark) to accompany her on the space flight. He tells Helena that Dr. Wiborova is perfect to determine the effects of space on sperm production because she has no sexual feelings herself. We then see the KGB commander and another scientist (Attila Schuszter) watching Dr. Wiborova from behind a two-way mirror as she dispassionately observes a couple (Eva Roberts and James Brossman) having sex. Six months later, the KGB commander explains to Helena and Dr. Wiborova how his agents obtained a 'sample' from the American commander, Frank Stone (Nick Lang). We see two female KGB agents (Estell and Vanda) break into Stone's house and chloroform his wife (Gabriella), then collect their 'sample' while he believes it's his wife pleasuring him. Back in Russia, the KGB commander explains how the mission to collect a 'sample' from the other male astronaut (Andrew Youngman) was much easier. We then see one of the KGB agents (Estell) simply approach the astronaut while he's jogging and follow him back to his quarters to get what she came for. Finally, we return to the present as the two shuttles take off and dock in space. That night Helena sneaks into Frank's quarters to seduce him and collect another 'sample' from space. Unfortunately, everyone on Earth is watching and when the U.S. president sees what's going on, he's outraged. A NASA representative assures the president that nothing unusual happened during security checks but in another flashback, we see him being seduced the female American astronaut (Sylvia Saint). The CIA representative also assures the president that his agency found nothing unusual when they investigated the NASA staff but we then see the NASA representative being picked up and seduced by a CIA agent (Bettina) in a bar. Over in Russia, the KGB commander is overjoyed at the success of the project but confides to a colleague that they had a backup plan in case the American astronauts couldn't perform, a powerful sexual stimulant. We see the doctor who developed the stimulant, testing it on his unsuspecting assistant Anya (Julia Taylor), who becomes uncontrollably horny. Meanwhile, the U.S. president has ordered a full investigation into what happened to the space mission but the KGB agents (Estell and Vanda) are already at NASA headquarters, seducing a secretary to distract her while they use her computer. The NASA representative catches them but he's distracted by the secretary’s state of undress and the KGB agents are able to sneak away when an orgy breaks out.

Type of mind control: Aphrodesiac

Mind control scenes:
The only mind control scene is when the Russian doctor tests his sexual stimulant on his assistant and she becomes uncontrollably horny.

Subjective Rating: 1 out of 5
This movie is difficult to follow (even for an adult film) and if you are watching the edited version, the task is virtually impossible. The fact that the sound dubbing is atrocious doesn't help. Add the fact that the mind control scene is a very short scene in a very long movie and my recommendation is to skip the movie entirely. Then again, the number and variety of sexual combinations portrayed in this single movie is simply mind-boggling.

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