Twilight Pink
©1981 Twilite Productions


Genre: Adult

Rating: NC-17

In a rip-off of 'The Twilight Zone', a narrator informs the viewer that they are now entering 'The Erogenous Zone'. The story opens with Ms. Rocksoff (Veronica Hart) taking a bath. After emerging from the tub and putting on her lingerie, Ms. Rocksoff is joined by Ludwig (Bill McKeen) who shows her the latest designs for their Wheatos cereal box. Ms. Rocksoff is so impressed she decides to reward Ludwig and proceeds to seduce him. While they are having sex, Ferdinand 'Ferdy' Hooper (Richard Bolla) shows up and watches them. As they finish, Ms. Rocksoff sees Ferdy and confronts him. He shows her his latest idea for the Wheatos ad campaign but she rejects it and throws him out. Back at the office, Ferdy tries to be nice to secretary Flora Blossom (Kandy Barbour), whom he is obviously enamored with, but she simply laughs at him. The next morning, Ms. Rocksoff meets with the Wheatos Chairman of the Board (Gordon O. Duvall) and uses her body to demonstrate her dedication to the company. Sterling Rod interrupts and explains that Ferdy is about to receive two phone calls, the first of which will almost destroy his dreams and the second of which will almost fulfill them. The first phone call is from Ms. Rocksoff, who fires Ferdy and introduces him to his replacement, Miss Stonesthrow (Tiffany Clark). Ferdy's second phone call is from his friend John (Jake Teage), who is sick and needs to see Ferdy. Meanwhile, Ms. Rocksoff is showing Miss Stonesthrow the executive washroom and helping her take a bath to relax. When Ferdy sees his friend John, he appears to be an old man. Ferdy says it's only been a year since he saw John but John says it's been fifty years for him. He then shows Ferdy an antique stopwatch that can 'stop time for sex'. Ferdy is skeptical so John demonstrates. He summons his maid (Christy Ford) and asks her to pour him a glass of water, then freezes time while she's pouring. A few minutes later, while Ferdy and John have sex with the maid, John explains that anyone touched by the watch while frozen comes to life and is extremely horny. After time is restarted, the maid appears to have no memory of what happened while it was stopped. John then gives the watch to Ferdy, along with his vast fortune, so Ferdy can dedicate his life to having sex. Ferdy's first targets for the watch are a prostitute (Annie Sprinkles), who demeans him, and a man, who knocks him down. As the man and the prostitute laugh at him, he stops time. Touching the two with the watch, he 'activates' them and they begin to have sex right there on the sidewalk. When Ferdy restarts time, the man and the prostitute must explain to the vice squad why they were stark naked in public. Ferdy then sets his sights on Flora Blossom. He tries to impress Flora with his new wealth but she says she wants a man who can take control. Ferdy decides to grant her wish by freezing time, then 'activating' Flora and leading her to an S&M club. At the club, Ferdy puts Flora up on stage, tying her to a chair and gagging her. When Ferdy restarts time, Mistress Candice assumes that Flora is a new volunteer and proceeds to dominate her as Ferdy watches. A month goes by and Ludwig visits Ferdy to tell him that Flora had been fired when she was caught in the S&M club. After Ludwig leaves, Ferdy calls the much-humbled Flora into his office and makes love to her. It seems that Ferdy and Flora have fallen in love and Ferdy promises to spend the rest of his life with her as soon as he takes care of Ms. Rocksoff. Arriving at Wheatos, Ferdy immediately 'activates' Ludwig and takes him to Ms. Rocksoff's office, where they find Ms. Rocksoff and Miss Stonesthrow having sex. Ferdy 'activates' Miss Stonesthrow and gives her to Ludwig, while he takes Ms. Rocksoff. Ludwig wanders off to have a cigarette, leaving the watch's field of influence but, in the throws of passion, Ferdy breaks the watch, causing the rest of the world to return to normal while he, Ms. Rocksoff and Miss Stonesthrow remain frozen in time forever.

Type of mind control: Magic

Mind control scenes:
The mind control scenes all involve using the watch to freeze time then rubbing it against people, making them come to life in a highly aroused state. The first one this is done to is John's maid. Ferdy then uses the watch to make the prostitute and the man that knocked him down have sex in the middle of the sidewalk. Next, Ferdy uses the watch on Flora but he doesn't have sex with her while she's under the watch's influence. Instead, he uses Flora's dazed state to simply lead her to the S&M club. Finally, Ferdy uses the watch to have his way with Ms. Rocksoff, while letting Ludwig have Miss Stonesthrow.

Subjective Rating: 3 out of 5
The main problem with this movie is that the effects of the watch are inconsistent. While most of the people affected by the watch are dazed with arousal, when Ferdy uses the watch on Ludwig, Ludwig acts normally. The other problem is the inconsistency of the watch's field of influence. During some scenes, the watch only seems to affect a limited area, while in other scenes, it seems to affect the whole world. Still, the concept is good and most of the actors portray the effects of the watch fairly well so it's definitely worth watching. This movie would have special appeal to those who enjoy time-stop and/or statue stories.

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