Sucker Money
©1933 Progressive Pictures (Renewed 1983 by Video Yesteryear)


Genre: Drama

Rating: NR

Also known as: Victims of the Beyond

Reporter Jimmy Reeves (Earl McCarthy) investigates an ad in the newspaper for an actor and is sent to meet Swami Yomurda (Mischa Auer). Waiting to see the Swami, Jimmy meets the lovely Clare Walton (Phyllis Barrington) and is instantly smitten. Meanwhile, the Swami is telling Clare's father (Ralph Lewis) and another man named George Hunter (Al Bridge) that he sees an oil field in his crystal ball. As they leave, Mr. Walton pleads with Hunter to let him in on his oil deal. However, back at their hotel, Hunter calls the Swami to discuss their plan to swindle $20,000 from Walton. Meanwhile, the Swami hires Jimmy to impersonate victim's deceased loved ones and con them out of their money. The next day, the Swami stages a seance led by Princess Karami (Mona Lisa). Mame (Mae Busch), one of the Swami's crew, tells Jimmy that the Princess is actually a grifter named Chicago Kate but how Kate has been acting strange lately. During the seance, Clare recognizes Jimmy playing a dead soldier and convinces her father to delay his investment in Hunter's oil field. She then confronts Jimmy and forces him to explain who he really is. Unfortunately, Hunter overhears Jimmy’s confession and the Swami captures Jimmy. The Swami then sends Clare a note saying that her father has taken ill and when she arrives, he hypnotizes her. Desperate to find his missing daughter, Mr. Walton turns to the Swami for help. The Swami uses the hypnotized Clare to convince Walton that his daughter has been kidnapped and gives Walton an address that he is to go to at midnight. At the address, Walton is told to return the next night with $20,000. Meanwhile, Jimmy has convinced Mame to help him and she warns Jimmy's boss that he's in trouble. Walton delivers the $20,000 but the Swami has decided to keep Clare and make her his new Princess Karami. To get rid of the old Princess, he forces the hypnotized Chicago Kate to drink a glass of poison. Moments later, the police arrive but the Swami flees with Clare, killing Mame when she tries to stop him. The police capture the Swami's crew and free Jimmy but the Swami and Clare escape. Fortunately, the police have already arrested Hunter and are waiting when the Swami arrives to pick up the ransom money. When the police shoot the Swami, Clare is freed from his hypnotic spell and she and Jimmy live happily ever after.

Type of mind control: Hypnosis

Mind control scenes:
When we first see Chicago Kate appear as Princess Karami, she is acting strangely but we don't find out that she's been hypnotized by the Swami until later in the movie. The first obvious mind control scene occurs half way through the movie when the Swami hypnotizes Clare. The Swami then uses Clare in one of the Princess' fake presentations to convince Clare's father that she's been kidnapped. Clare then spends the rest of the movie following the Swami around with a blank look on her face. The only other mind control scene is when the Swami makes the hypnotized Chicago Kate drink a glass of poison so he can make Clare his new Princess Karami.

Subjective Rating: 4 out of 5
Clare spends half this movie hypnotized but unfortunately, the Swami doesn't do much with the hypnotized Clare except have her follow him around. He does use her to convince her father that she's been kidnapped but even then, she doesn't do much except stand there with a frightened look on her face while her image is reflected on a piece of black glass for her father to see. The Swami does much more with the hypnotized Chicago Kate, having her play the part of Princess Karami and pretend to see visions but it's never really obvious that she's hypnotized until he makes her drink a glass of poison. Still, if you like watching attractive women walking around in a hypnotic trance, this movie is definitely worth checking out.

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