Stupid Cupid
©2000 VCA Pictures


Genre: Adult

Rating: NC-17

Two days before Valentine's Day, Cupid (Kyle Stone) is told by Jupiter to get busy making couples fall in love or he'll end up pushing a barge on river Styx. Cupid complains that it's difficult to make people fall in love without a love of his own but Jupiter is unsympathetic. Cupid's first stop is the office of the tyrannical Chester Frum (Dillion day), who's making his secretary Stacy (Stacy Valentine) cancel her plans for the weekend to help his wife Susie (Shelby Myne) plan a party. Cupid tries to shoot Stacy with one of his magic arrows but, drunk on ambrosia, he misses and shoots Mr. Frum, who ends up rolling around on his desk with the uptight Ms. Lorton (Keisha). Meanwhile, Stacy receives some comforting from her boyfriend Ted (Mark Davis) in the supply closet. However, Ted turns out to be an asshole when he decides to enjoy the romantic cabin he and Stacy rented...without her. At Mrs. Frum's party, Cupid again tries to shoot Stacy with one of his arrows but accidentally creates a threesome with Stacy and another couple (Heather Lynn and Steve Hatcher). Mrs. Frum soon gets in on the action by seducing Ms. Lorton...with a little help from one of Cupid's arrows. One by one, the party guests fall prey to Cupid's wayward shafts. When Mr. Frum arrives, he wonders why his wife is strutting around in her underwear, until Cupid's magic puts his mind on other things. Back at the office on Monday morning, Stacy is more miserable than ever, while Jupiter berates Cupid for having failed to make Stacy fall in love. When Cupid retaliates by telling Jupiter how mortals are superior to gods because of their capacity to love, Jupiter decides to teach Cupid a lesson by stripping him of his powers and making him a mortal. Seeing a strange man in a dress appearing in her office, Stacy doesn't believe he's Cupid until he starts reciting the name of every boy she was in love with in grade school. Cupid apologizes for failing to find a love for Stacy but Jupiter decides to see how Cupid really likes the pitfalls of love by shooting Stacy with one of Cupid's arrows and making her fall for him.

Type of mind control: Magic

Mind control scenes:
Several people feel the effects of Cupid's arrows in this movie. The first two are Mr. Frum and Miss Norton who end up making love on Mr. Frum's desk. At Mrs. Frum's party, Cupid shoots just about everyone, including Stacy, the Frums, Miss Norton and her boyfriend and another couple. In the end, Stacy is shot with one of Cupid's arrows by Jupiter and falls for Cupid himself.

Subjective Rating: 4 out of 5
The only real problem I had with the mind control in this movie is the confusion between love and lust. Cupid's arrows don't make people fall in love like Cupid says they do. Instead, they drive the people they hit into a sexual frenzy. Then again, what else can you expect from an adult movie. The effect of the arrows is portrayed only moderately well. Most of the people hit with Cupidís arrows look like they've got the hots for each other even before they're shot. The best mind control is probably demonstrated by Miss Norton, who goes from uptight executive to horny slut when she's shot in Mr. Frum's office and whose reluctance to Mrs. Frum's sapphic advances suddenly disappear when she's shot at Mrs. Frum's party.

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