The Silencers
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Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: R

In 1966, a farmer (Steven Ruge) is killed trying to protect his livestock from a UFO. Moments later, 3 'men in black', lead by an alien named Lekin (Carlos Lauchu), appear and threaten the farmer's wife (Betty Perry). 29 years later, Lekin attacks and kills U.S. Senator Rawlings (Madison Mason). Secret service agent Chuck Rafferty (Jack Scalia) tries to save the Senator but he is no match for Lekin's alien powers. The next day, General Greenboro (Clarence Williams III) tells a Senate subcommittee that Phoenix Corporation has a 'technology deal' with a race of aliens and needs funding to build a portal that will allow for instantaneous space travel. The subcommittee only agrees when one of the Senators (Stephen Rowe) uses his alien powers to 'convince' them. Meanwhile, a test of the portal is disrupted when an alien named Comdor (Dennis Christopher) appears and attacks Lekin. Unfortunately, Comdor is captured and General Greenboro orders Rafferty to transport Comdor to a secret location for study. However, Lekin wants Comdor dead and attacks Rafferty's convoy. Fortunately, the attack fails and Comdor survives, revealing to Rafferty that he has come to Earth to stop Lekin and his people from using the portal to invade Earth like they did to his planet. Rafferty contacts General Greenboro to find out what to do but the aliens have replaced the General with a clone and they are attacked again when they show up to meet the General. Needing answers, Rafferty visits Senator Rawling's wife (June Chandler), who gives him a tape made by the real General Greenboro that explains all about Lekin and the other 'evil' aliens. With no one else to turn to and needing help, Rafferty contacts a reporter for UFO Times named Sarah Johnson (Lucinda West) and tells her everything he knows. They decide that the only way to stop the alien's plan is to destroy the portal. With the aid of Sarah and her friends, Rafferty and Comdor sneak into the Phoenix Corporation and kill Lekin and all the other aliens. Comdor then uses the portal to return to his home planet before Rafferty blows the portal to smithereens.

Type of mind control: Alien powers

Mind control scenes:
There are only two very brief mind control scenes in this movie. This first is when Lekin uses his powers on a secret service agent to gain access to Senator Rawlings so he can kill him. The second scene is when one of the Senators on the subcommittee reveals himself to be an alien and uses his powers to 'convince' the other Senators to continue funding for the portal.

Subjective Rating: 1 out of 5
The mind control in this movie is so brief and pointless that it's definitely not worth watching the movie for. One of the flaws in the movie is that Senator Rawlings is killed because he's blocking funding for the Phoenix Corporation that they need to build the portal. However, the alien Senator is able to use his powers to make the other Senators approve the funding so why couldn't he use his powers on Rawlings? The whole movie is pretty bad and the mind control is just a part of its overall badness.

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