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Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: R

Synopsis:(Please note: There is an adult movie with the same title so be sure you're getting the movie you think you are.)
The movie opens with Raven (Nancy O'Neil) being abducted from her motel room when she tries to warn a radio talk show host (Lance Moseley) that aliens are attempting to take over the world with erotic mind control videos. Meanwhile, Star Power Video has been losing business to Grogan Family Video and Star Power’s owner, Ralph Lucky (Robert Donavan), sends John Clark (Christopher Johnston) to investigate. Checking into the Rest Haven Motel, John finds a picture of Raven and a journal detailing how everyone in town seems to be constantly having sex. Visiting Grogan Family Video, John meets Michael (Bobby Johnston), Melissa (Jenna Scott), Adam (Jay Stewart) and Eva Grogan (Brittany Valenta), a seemingly perfect family. He also sees Raven but she disappears into an area for 'preferred customers' before he can talk to her. That night, John watches one of the Grogan's videos but he misses the beginning so it has no effect on him. However, he sends the tape to Mr. Lucky and when Mr. Lucky and his secretary (Michelle Hall) watch it, they become uncontrollably aroused. Returning to Grogan Family Video, John is taken to a back room where Raven sits and stares at a blank video screen. A video suddenly starts playing and Raven begins to take her clothes off but John isn't wearing his glasses so he’s only partially affected and is able to escape. Sneaking back that night, John overhears Michael and Melissa’s plans to brainwash people and feed off their sexual energy but, when he returns with two police officers (Steve Curtis and Lisa Throw), the Grogan's say they were just engaging in sexual role playing. The next day, John learns that Mr. Lucky is selling Star Power Video and buying into Grogan Family Video. When Mr. Lucky arrives in town to check out his new investment, he is captured and seduced by Eva Grogan. Desperate for help, John calls the radio station but despite John’s warnings, the talk show host watches one of the Grogan's videos with his sexy producer (Claudia Miller) and they're soon heating up the airwaves. Finally, John takes matters into his own hands, breaking into the video store and freeing Mr. Lucky and Raven, while the Grogans escape in their space ship, vowing to return.

Type of mind control: Alien technology

Mind control scenes:
The movie contains many occurrences of mind control, mostly involving couples watching one of the Grogan's videos and becoming sexually excited. The owners of the Rest Haven Motel watch a video twice during the movie and immediately have sex. The second time the brainwashing appears to be wearing off of the husband and his wife must force him to watch the video. A hillbilly couple in the motel room next to John also watch a video twice during the movie, commenting how Michael Grogan told them to watch the video repeatedly but unable to remember actually talking to Michael. The police officers John brings to investigate the Grogans are zapped by a video and immediately have sex with Adam and Eva Grogan. Mr. Lucky and his secretary are affected by a video and the secretary engages in a little self-pleasure when she watches the video alone. Finally, the radio talk show host and his producer ravage each other when they watch a video sent to them by an unidentified listener.

Subjective Rating: 5 out of 5
This movie has everything a mind control fan could want, especially lots of people being zapped by flashes of light and becoming uncontrollably aroused. Some changes in people's attitudes are better portrayed than others but they're all pretty good. The change in Mr. Lucky's secretary is exceptionally well done. One minute she's explaining to Mr. Lucky how she wants their relationship to remain professional and the next minute she's tearing off her business suit and throwing herself at her boss. I would highly recommend this movie unless you'd prefer to avoid the plethora of sex scenes. Although the movie isn't an adult movie, the sex is relatively explicit and there's lots of it.

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