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Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: R

Captain Jason Harris (Juan Carlos) and the crew of the Prometheus, Carter (Billy Riverside), T. J. (Richard Burns), Len (Vincent Kessler) and the android Dex (Paul Johnson), are returning from deep space when they're ordered to pick up a mysterious cargo from a forbidden planet. Only Jason knows what they're transporting but when the ship is attacked, he's forced to introduce the crew to their cargo, Reva (Brandy Davis), Deena (Taimie Hannum) and Junet (Amber Newman), three beautiful women who are to be delivered to the High Commander of the Galactic Alliance. Prematurely awakened from their stasis, the women decide to study the crew to learn more about humans. Using their empathic abilities, Deena seduces T. J. while Junet seduces Carter. Reva, however, gets a surprise when she tries to seduce Dex. Forced to land on a nearby planet for repairs, Deena seduces Len but Jason manages to resist Reva’s ample charms. Jason makes a virtual reality visit to a sexy version of a 1950s sitcom to help relieve some of his sexual frustration. Following Jason’s orders, Dex taps into Alliance files and discovers that any man who 'exchanges functions' with the women is bonded to them for life. He also finds out that the Galactic Alliance plans to present the women to an alien ambassador, hoping to keep the ambassador distracted and reach a favorable settlement with him. When the women find out what is going to happen to them, they decide they'd rather stay with Jason and his crew but Jason refuses to help them. Desperate to avoid their fate, they try controlling the crew but Jason intervenes and they're forced to take control of the ship itself. The crew regains control just in time to avoid being destroyed by more attacking aliens. Both the crew and the women plead with Jason not to turn the women over to the Alliance, suggesting that they deliver clones instead, but Jason still refuses. Again returning to virtual reality to blow off steam, Jason finds Reva waiting for him. Her virtual seduction quickly leads to a real seduction but Jason is surprised to find he's not bonded to Reva. Reva explains that the women can choose who they bond with and when they bond. Realizing that the Alliance’s plan won’t work if the women refuse to bond with the alien ambassador, Jason finally gives in and delivers clones of the three women to the Alliance. The movie ends with the Prometheus receiving orders to pick up a load of grain on the far side of the galaxy, meaning Jason, Carter, T. J. and Len will have plenty of time to get acquainted with their three new crewmates.

Type of mind control: Telepathy?

Mind control scenes:
The first possible mind control scene occurs just after the 'cargo' is brought onto the Prometheus and Jason hears the three women beckoning to him. Unfortunately, nothing comes of it. The women later use their empathic abilities to seduce the crew but this doesn't seem to include any actual mind control. The only evidence of the women actually controlling the men comes late in the movie when Carter, T. J. and Len hear the women calling to them and drop what they're doing to go to them. However, Jason intercepts them before they reach the women and sends them back to work.

Subjective Rating: 2 out of 5
The mind control in this movie is so subtle that there's been some doubt as to whether there's any mind control in it at all. The scene with the women calling to Jason may just be a dream since he doesn't respond to them and the women's seduction of the crew appears to be straight physical attraction as opposed to anything mental. The only solid evidence of mind control is when the crew hears the women calling and they stop what they’re doing to go to them. However, the scene doesn't proceed far enough to demonstrate any actual control and the men could be voluntarily responding to some kind of telepathic message from the women. All in all, it's not a bad movie, especially if you like beautiful ladies, but there's nowhere near enough mind control to recommend it for that reason.

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