New Wave Hookers III
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Genre: Adult

Rating: NC-17

New Wave Hookers
New Wave Hookers 2

Narrating from the great beyond, Frank Baxter (Jon Dough) tells how he came to be in his current situation. It starts when, Frank is sitting in bed with his wife Tiffany (Crystal Wilder) and gets the great idea to solve his cash flow problem by having Tiffany sleep with men for money. Unfortunately, Tiffany balks at the idea of becoming a whore and promptly goes to sleep. Fortunately, Frank has a backup plan and calls his pals Fred (Marc Wallice) and Cindy (Brittany O’Connell) to come over and have sex next to the sleeping Tiffany, a real turn-on for them that they’re willing to pay for. Of course, Frank realizes if people are willing to pay money to have sex next to Tiffany, they’d be willing to pay more to have sex with Tiffany. To this end, he goes to visit a sleazy lawyer named Saul Shappiro (Rocco Sifreddi) who is an expert in the type of ‘entrepreneurial ventures’ he’s interested in. Saul’s office is a strip club and before Frank and Saul can talk business Frank has to help Saul videotape a young widow (P.J.Sparxx) having sex with one of the strippers (Danyel Cheeks) so she can collect her inheritance. Once that’s done, Frank explains his problem to Saul and Saul tells him about the Deep House where Tiffany could be conditioned with new wave music to be turned on and off like a radio. Frank realizes that this is exactly what he needs and decides to visit Deep House. Meanwhile, Tiffany’s friend Beth (Nikki Dial) is helping Tiffany warm up to the idea of being a prostitute with a little help from Ted (Marc Wallice). At the Deep House, Frank meets Helen (Tyffany Million) who uses Heather Hart to demonstrate the results of her conditioning process by using an earpiece and a remote control to send Heather into a sexual frenzy with the touch of a button. Helen agrees to condition Tiffany but warns Frank to stay away during the process. That night, Frank tricks Tiffany into going to the Deep House by telling her he’s found her a job as a ‘sleep demonstrator’. At the Deep House, Tiffany is ‘conditioned’ by four guys while Saul watches. A short time later, she arrives home dressed like a prostitute and Frank is overjoyed until Tiffany refuses to have sex with him unless he pays her. Outraged, Frank goes to the Deep House and confronts Helen who says she can’t help him. Unfortunately, while he’s gone, Tiffany runs off to live at the Deep House. Frank sneaks into the Deep House looking for Tiffany and finds Helen telling Tiffany that she loves her and wants to make love to her without the conditioning. However, before Frank can learn any more, Helen has Frank thrown out by two female guards but not before he has sex with them. Desperate to get his wife back, Frank goes to see Saul, who promises to help, but when Saul goes to see Helen, he instead agrees to ‘neutralize’ Frank in return for a chance to have sex with Tiffany. Saul goes to Tiffany but before she’ll have sex with him, Saul agrees to tell Frank that Tiffany misses him and to give him some money so he can come and see her. While Saul goes off to see Frank, Helen confesses to Tiffany that she reminds her of a dead lover named Josephine and wants to keep her all to herself. When Helen asks Tiffany if she can call her Josephine, it’s obvious that something is seriously wrong. Back at the strip club, Saul lies to Frank by telling him that Helen really likes him and the only way to get Tiffany back is to seduce Helen. Meanwhile, at the Deep House, Helen tells Tiffany that she wants to use the conditioning music herself, to make love to Tiffany. However, once Helen is under the music’s influence, Tiffany makes her confess how she plans to have Saul use a new type of new wave music to kill Frank. She also makes Helen want to be gang banged by a ‘gaggle of quacking duck-men’. Learning that Frank is in danger, Tiffany asks one of the other girls to tell Saul to come see her but the girl warns Helen what Tiffany is up to. Deciding that Saul can no longer be trusted, Helen prepares two deadly earpieces, one for Frank and one for Saul. When Frank, Tiffany, Helen and Saul all get together to have sex, Helen warns Saul not to take Frank’s earpiece by mistake, even though his is rigged to kill him too. While Helen isn’t looking, Saul switches Frank’s earpiece with Helen’s but Tiffany then switches Frank’s earpiece with Saul’s. The four of them go at it but at the moment of climax, Frank and Helen both drop dead. Seizing the opportunity, Tiffany takes over the Deep House and becomes the new Boss Mama. The movie ends with Frank explaining how he’d used everything he’d learned in life in the afterlife and inviting the viewer to come visit his own Deep House when the time comes.

Type of mind control: Subliminals

Mind control scenes:
The mind control begins when the stripper uses an earpiece to have sex with the widow but it's not obvious and we don't find out about it until afterward. The next mind control scene is much better and occurs when Helen demonstrates the conditioning. After that, several people use the earpieces including all four main characters right at the very end. Finally, there's Tiffany's conditioning turning her into a prostitute.

Subjective Rating: 3 out of 5
Unlike most adult films, this movie actually has quite a bit of plot. Unfortunately, the movie starts out promising for mind control fans but doesn't really deliver. When Saul tells Frank about Deep House and how they condition women to be obedient, it sounds great but the actual effect of the earpieces Helen uses for conditioning is portrayed far less dramatically. I'd say the only possible portrayal of conditioned obedience is when Tiffany makes Helen, who seems to hate men, want to be gang banged by a group of men wearing duck masks. Although it's not completely obvious, this is something she probably wouldn't do. The rest of the time the earpieces are used, the person seems to get turned on but not dramatically so. The only exception is when Helen demonstrates the conditioning to Frank and her subject goes from completely calm to sex-crazed in the blink of an eye. As for Tiffany's conditioning to be a prostitute, the effect is so subtle as to be non-existant. In fact, she'd already decided to become a prostitute before the conditioning. The only apparent change is that she refuses to sleep with Frank unless he pays her and that could easily be attributed to the fact that she's mad at Frank for tricking her into going to Deep House. All-in-all a pretty good adult movie but only a mediocre mind control movie.

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