Mysterious Two
©1982 Alan Landsburg Productions


Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: NR (TV)

Also know as: Follow Me if You Dare

A strange couple, calling themselves He (John Forsythe) and She (Priscilla Pointer), appear at an abandoned missile site and, over the next few weeks, they travel the country as evangelists. Suddenly, people abandon their friends and loved ones, even their children, and travel to a small western town. There, He and She tell them to diverge themselves of all their worldly belongings. With the aid of reporter Ted Randall (Vic Tayback), Tim (James Stephens) tracks his girlfriend Natalie (Karen Werner) to the small town but word of He and She's appearance has gotten out and a mob has formed. Tim eventually finds Natalie and agrees to join her when He and She return for the 'tomorrow people'. For several days, Sheriff Molloy (Noah Beery Jr.) and Deputy Boone (Robert Englund) try to keep the rowdy mob under control, until a huge tent is delivered. That night, He and She emerge from the tent and invite the 'tomorrow people', including Natalie and Tim, to enter. Once everyone who accepts He and She's invitation is inside the tent, they tell everyone else to rest. The next morning, everyone that didn't enter the tent, wake up to find the tent empty. The loved ones left behind demand an investigation but the sheriff tells them that, without evidence of a crime, his hands are tied. Meanwhile, the 'tomorrow people' are travelling through the desert in a school bus. The bus breaks down in a sandstorm but He and She appear and lead the group to the missile site. For three days, they are stuck at the missile site with no food or water and no sign of He and She. When a pregnant woman becomes ill, Tim goes looking for help and, while he's gone, He and She appear and take the pregnant woman away. Elsewhere, Sheriff Molloy is finally able to start a full-scale investigation when he learns that He and She used false names to rent the tent. However, that night, He and She begin taking people into the main silo and, when they return, they are 'completely at peace'. Natalie is taken to the silo but Tim is kept behind and, when Natalie asks if she will still love Tim when she returns, He tells her she will love him in a way she's never loved him before. The next day, Tim encounters the woman who used to be pregnant and, when he asks what happened to her baby, she doesn't know what he's talking about. Desperately searching for Natalie, he discovers that she has become like the others. That night, Ted Randall shows up and offers to help Tim escape but the next day, he leaves Tim in the desert to die. Fortunately, when He and She find out what Ted did, they tell Ted that they don't kill and send someone to bring Tim some food and water. Eventually, Sheriff Moloy finds Tim and they go to the missile site but, by the time they get there, the site is abandoned. The movie ends with Tim investigating reports of He and She appearing again, eight months later, and vowing to 'get them' this time.

Type of mind control: Alien brainwashing

Mind control scenes:
It's unclear how much mind control takes place in the beginning of the movie. It's mentioned that the lights and music that He and She use has an effect on people but they seem basically unchanged except for their devotion to He and She. The first obvious mind control takes place when He and She tell the crowd outside the tent to rest and they all fall asleep where they stand. Unfortunately, we don't actually see it happen. We only see the people waking up the next morning. Next, there is a brief scene that may involve mind control where Tim tries to stop He from taking Natalie and He simply looks into his eyes and moves him aside. Finally, He and She begin taking people into the missile silo, which pulses with light, and when they emerge, they act like they've been lobotomized. There is also the pregnant woman who suddenly isn't pregnant anymore and doesn't seem to even remember being pregnant.

Subjective Rating: 3 out of 5
The extent of the control that He and She actually exert over the 'tomorrow people' is never really clear, at least at first. Perhaps they are controlling the people to make them want to go with them or maybe they're just very charismatic, like many cult leaders. Only when He and She start taking the people into the missile silo do we see the true extent of their power. After emerging from the silo, the people act like happy little zombies, walking around with huge smiles on their faces and talking in soft voices. The change caused by the silo is well portrayed but I didn't give the movie a higher rating because it comes right at the end of the movie and we never really get to see the full effect of the changes. Basically, He and She 'prepare the tomorrow people for their journey' then lead them all into the silo, where they apparently disappear. It would have been interesting to see more of the 'tomorrow people' after their change but before they go on their 'journey'.

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