Midnight Tease
©1994 The Pacific Trust


Genre: Thriller

Rating: NR

Samantha Brown (Cassandra Leigh) is a stripper who was molested by her stepfather (Will Huston) as a child. Despite witnessing her stepfather's suicide, Samantha harbors doubts that he's dead. Plagued by nightmares about murdering her stepfather, Samantha visits Dr. Saul (Edmund Halley) for help. When J.J. (Todd Joseph), the sleazy owner of the club where Samantha works, hires Amy (Rachel Reed), Samantha offers to let Amy stay with her. That night Samantha takes Amy home before returning to the club to meet her friend Tiffany but decides to take a nap first. Samantha dreams about murdering Tiffany and Amy finds her asleep behind the wheel of her car. At the club, Samantha finds Tiffany's dead body and flees in terror. The next morning, when Sgt. Gates (Bob McFarland) of the police questions the strippers about Tiffany's death, Amy lies and assures him that Samantha was home all night. Elsewhere, Samantha tells Dr. Saul what happened but runs out of his office when she finds blood on her dress. Concerned, Dr. Saul visits Samantha at the club and she gets angry, not wanting him to see her stripping. The doctor apologizes and they share a kiss. Meanwhile, Samantha becomes the prime suspect in Tiffany's murder when Sgt. Gates finds out she had a nervous breakdown as a teenager. The next time Samantha visits Dr. Saul he apologizes for his unprofessional behavior but Samantha proceeds to seduce him. At home that night, Amy shows Samantha her darker side when she gets angry after Samantha warns her to watch out for J.J. Going to bed, Samantha dreams about murdering another stripper named Mantra (Ashley Riley) and wakes up on her front lawn, holding a knife and covered in blood. In his office, Dr. Saul hypnotizes Samantha and has her relive her stepfather's suicide to reassure her that he's dead. Meanwhile, Amy has brought another stripper named Dusty (Nicole Grey) home with her and murders her when she finds Samantha's psychological records in Amy's handbag. Arriving home, Samantha finds Dusty's body but is knocked out by Amy. Luckily, Dr. Saul has found some of his hypnotic drugs missing and finally realizes that Amy is a secretary who worked for him briefly before disappearing. He arrives at Samantha's to find Amy ranting about her mother and threatening to kill Samantha. A fight ensues but Samantha and Dr. Saul are eventually able to overpower the deranged Amy.

Type of mind control: Hypnosis

Mind control scenes:
Although Amy uses a hypnotic drug to make Samantha dream about murdering Tiffany and Mantra, we don't actually see it. The only mind control we actually see is when Dr. Saul hypnotizes Samantha to have her relive her stepfather's suicide and reassure herself that he's really dead.

Subjective Rating: 2 out of 5
The sole hypnosis scene in this movie is very brief. Although the induction seems to be fairly realistic, it's very abbreviated. This movie might be worth checking out for hardcore hypnosis fans but just don't get your hopes up too high.

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