©1987 Excalibur Entertainment


Genre: Adult

Rating: NC-17

Mr. and Mrs. Deacon L. Whitemeat (Randy West and Demi White) are watching an old western when they see various erotic images flashing on their television screen and they immediately have sex. The next day, Network XXX reporter Allison Karter (Porsche Lynn) interviews the couple and they claim the images on the television made them uncontrollably horny. Allison tells her audience that this just the latest case of people being overcome with lust while watching Network XXX. Unfortunately, before she completes her report, two people dressed in black abduct her. Back at the station, her producer, Jackson Tribble (Buddy Love), cuts the signal. Fortunately, Allison is able to escape her kidnappers and make it back to the station, where she meets her new video operator, Steele Boyd (Joey Silvera). Jackson tells Allison to drop her story but she refuses to listen and says she and Steele are going to infiltrate Network XXX. Meanwhile at the corporate offices, Helena Rox (Sharon Mitchell) is worried about how Allison found out about their 'sexverts' and orders her flunky, Blaze Packard (Robert Bullock) to terminate Allison...permanently. To discredit Allison, Blaze bribes Mr. and Mrs. Whitemeat to retract their earlier story and claim that Allison paid them to lie. Even Steele is skeptical of Allison's claims until he watches Network XXX with Allison and they both become uncontrollably aroused. Later, Helena and Blaze torture Jackson to find out what Allison knows and have him send her on an assignment to the Happy Mattress Motel. At the motel, Allison sees Helena and Blaze having a threesome with another woman (Tara Blake). She is videotaping them when all three attack her and smother her with a pillow. Unfortunately, back at the station, Steele has lost Allison's signal and only hears the words 'termination complete'. Certain that Allison is out of their hair forever, Helena and Blaze celebrate until they learn that Allison wasn't completely dead when they brought her body back to the station. A technician (Wayne Stevens) tells them that he programmed Allison’s final thoughts into the station's computer. That's when they meet Maxine Bedroom, a raunchy computer program with Allison's face and a mind of its own. They order the technician to get rid of Maxine but before he can do that, the real Allison wakes up and Maxine sucks the technician into her video world. Meanwhile, Steele and Jackson have been looking for Helena and Blaze. When Steele sees that Allison is alive, he admits he really cares for her. Jackson, on the other hand, has found Helena, who has watched too many 'sexverts' and is now a raving nymphomaniac.

Type of mind control: Subliminal Images

Mind control scenes:
There's only two mind control scenes in the movie. The first is where Mr. and Mrs. Whitemeat are overcome by the 'sexverts' and the second is where Allison and Steele are overcome by the 'sexverts'.

Subjective Rating: 2 out of 5
Like most adult movies, the mind control in this movie is only used to get to the sex. Porsche Lynn portrays the effect of the ‘sexverts’ reasonably well, with her change in attitude being fairly obvious, but for the most part, the mind control in this movie isn't really worth watching.

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