Indecent Desires
©1967 Mostest Productions Inc.


Genre: Drama

Rating: NR

Zeb (Michael Lawrence) finds an old ring and a discarded doll in a trash bin and takes them home. Later, Zeb sees Ann (Sharon Kent) and her friend Babs (Jackie Richards) walking to work and he notices how much Ann looks like the doll he found. At home, Zeb puts on the old ring and begins to fondle the doll and Ann is startled to feel hands on her body. That evening, Ann is busy making dinner for her fiancé Tom (Trom Little) when Zeb begins to fondle the doll again. Ann feels the fondling again but when Tom asks her what's wrong, she gets upset and tells him to leave. That night, as Zeb fondles the doll, Ann stands in front of a mirror, feeling Zeb's hands on her body but unable to see anything. The next day, Tom phones Ann and asks to see her before he has to go out of town. When Zeb sees Ann and Tom together, he imagines that he is the one with Ann but when reality sets in he gets jealous. Back at his apartment, Zeb burns the doll with a lit cigarette causing Ann to scream in pain. Ann tries to phone Babs for help but Babs is too busy with her boyfriend Monty (Buck Starr) to talk. The next day, Babs asks Ann about the burn on her lip but Ann refuses to talk about it. Zeb loses the ring, giving Ann a respite from his invisible fondling, but he finds the ring and returns to fondling the doll while Ann is meeting Babs for dinner. Running from Babsí apartment, Ann finds herself down by the river. Ann teeters on the edge of the water as the doll teeters on the edge of the table it's on. Luckily, Zeb catches the doll as it's about to fall, saving Ann. Terrified, Ann runs home and locks herself in her apartment. Frustrated by his inability to talk to Ann, Zeb takes his frustration out on the doll, beating it with a belt until Ann passes out from the pain. Later, Zeb calms down and returns to fondling the doll, removing its underwear and making the same thing happen to Ann. When Ann doesn't show up for work the next day, Babs calls and drops by Ann's apartment but Ann refuses to answer the telephone or the door. Ann won't even open the door for Tom when he returns from his trip but he forces his way into her apartment when she tries to sneak out after running out of food. Tom assures Ann that everything will be okay and offers to call a psychiatrist. Unfortunately, Zeb sees Ann and Tom together and, this time, when he takes his frustration out on the doll, he twists its head off, killing Ann.

Type of mind control: Magic?

Mind control scenes:
It's questionable whether this movie contains any mind control or not. The fact that some of the things Zeb does with the doll has a physical manifestation with Ann (e.g. removing the underwear) indicates that there's more than mind control at work. However, the scenes where Zeb fondles or tortures the doll and Ann feels it have the appearance of mind control to them and there's several of them.

Subjective Rating: 1 out of 5
Even if you consider the effect of the doll on Ann to be mind control, this movie is pretty bad. The first time you see Ann writhing around as Zeb fondles the doll is mildly interesting but it quickly becomes boring and repetitive. Watching Ann in pain as Zeb tortures the doll with a lit cigarette and a belt adds a twist but it was a little too disturbing for my tastes. Calling this a mind control movie is a stretch of the imagination and calling it a good mind control movie is completely unthinkable.

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