©1992 Nightime Video


Genre: Adult

Rating: NC-17

While waiting to see Professor Tadwell (Randy West) about his love potion, Jeff Cory (Jonathan Morgan) is seduced by the professor's lovely assistant Gina (Tracy Winn). Jeff is embarrassed when the professor discovers them but the doctor assures Jeff that Gina is completed devoted to him and that Gina only seduced him because she knew the professor would approve. Realizing that the professor's love potion really works, Jeff buys some to use on Alyssa Brooks (Kimberly Kitaine), the woman of his dreams. However, the professor warns Jeff that the effects of the potion are irreversible. Meanwhile, Alyssa and her boyfriend Rick are distracted from getting ready for the party they're throwing by a little afternoon love. That evening, Jeff slips the potion into the punch at Alyssa's party but Cheryl and Andrea (Bionca and Malia) drink some of the punch before he can stop them and they instantly fall for each other. Eventually, Jeff gives some of the punch to Alyssa and she suddenly realizes that she loves Jeff and wants to make him happy. She decides to tell Rick that she never wants to see him again but first, Jeff and Alyssa consummate their newfound love. Unfortunately, six months later, Jeff is tired of Alyssa and wants to be rid of her. The professor tells Jeff that the only way to get rid of Alyssa is to give her another potion that will make her hate him. Jeff readily agrees and, while the professor is busy rewarding Gina for being such a good assistant, Jeff is giving Alyssa the hate potion. Unfortunately, he underestimates how much Gina will make the potion hate him until she picks up the knife.

Type of mind control: Love potion/Hate potion

Mind control scenes:
The mind control begins when Cheryl and Andrea drink the punch spiked with the professor's love potion and start caressing and disrobing each other. The next mind control scene is when Jeff finally gives to potion to Alyssa and she suddenly wants to make him happy over and over and over again. The final mind control scene is when Jeff gives Alyssa the hate potion and she grabs a knife to stab him. There is also implied mind control by the way Gina fawns over the professor but we don't actually see her drinking the professor's love potion.

Subjective Rating: 1 out of 5
Even for an adult movie the mind control in this movie is really badly portrayed. Only the way Gina obeys the professor like a lovesick puppy is any good at all. Cheryl and Andrea look like they want to tear each others clothes off even before they drink the love potion and Alyssa's sudden love for Jeff is stated in words but her body language doesn't reflect the change. She looks like she's trying to seduce him both before and after drinking the love potion. Even when Alyssa is supposed to hate Jeff, she doesn't seem all that angry or upset except for a pathetic scowl on her face.

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