The Curious Dr. Humpp
©1967 Productors Argentinos (Special Edition ©1993 Something Weird Video Inc.)


Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: NR

Also known as:
The Curious Case of Dr. Humpp
La venganza del sexo

A strange creature abducts 11 people, including a beautiful stripper named Rachel (Gloria Prat). Police Inspector Benedict is baffled, while reporter George Foran (Richard Bauleo) believes that the kidnappings are related to kidnappings in Italy, 30 years earlier. A mad scientist was trying to improve the human species through sex. Meanwhile, Dr. Humpp (Aldo Barbero) and his nurse (Susan Beltran) examine the effects of the aphrodisiac they're giving the abductees. Returning to his lab, Dr. Humpp has a seizure that's cured when his nurse gives him a liquid extracted from a couple while they're making love. His nurse begs him to stop his experiments and use her to keep himself alive but he cruelly rejects her. Elsewhere, the bartender from the club where Rachel works tells George and the police about the strange creature that came into the club the night Rachel disappeared. They make a sketch of the creature and publish it in the newspaper. When Dr. Humpp sends the creature to buy more ingredients for his aphrodisiac, a pharmacist recognizes him and calls George. The creature has killed the pharmacist and fled by the time George arrives but the creature leaves behind the list of ingredients. Taking the advice of the original mad scientist, whose brain he keeps in a jar, Dr. Humpp goes to buy the ingredients himself. George is waiting for him and follows Humpp back to his lab but he's captured and locked in a room with Rachel. The two try to escape by overpowering the nurse but their plan fails when the creature shows up. Luckily, Rachel is able to distract the creature while George makes love to the nurse and convinces her to help them get away. The nurse delivers a note to the bartender, who immediately phones Inspector Benedict, but Dr. Humpp has sent the creature to follow the nurse and learns of her betrayal. Humpp injects the nurse with a solution that turns her into a mindless robot but he underestimates the nurse's newfound love for George and the nurse is able to slip George a gun. George tries to escape but the creature kills the nurse and carries Rachel into the swamp. Finally, the police arrive and rescue Rachel from the creature before cornering Dr. Humpp in his lab. In the final scene, Humpp reveals that he was the original mad scientist's first victim and has continued his experiments to find the secret of immortality. Dr. Humpp attacks George and Inspector Benedict but Rachel stabs him to death. Seeing his plans ruined, the mad scientist's brain flies into a rage and bursts into flames.

Type of mind control: Aphrodesiac/Drugs

Mind control scenes:
Most of the mind control in this movie involves the effect of Dr. Humpp's aphrodisiac on the people he kidnaps. There are scenes inserted regularly throughout the movie of the abductees engaged in various and assorted sex acts. There is also Dr. Humpp's army of henchmen who are supposed to be mindless automatons and the scene where Dr. Humpp supposedly turns his nurse into a mindless robot like the others.

Subjective Rating: 2 out of 5
Having Dr. Humpp give the people he kidnaps an aphrodisiac appears to be completely pointless. Almost all the people that Humpp's creature kidnaps were making out like rabbits before they were abducted, so having them continue to have sex after they're kidnapped doesn't seem like much proof that Humpp's aphrodisiac is actually doing something. As for his turning people into mindless robots, he really needs to look up the definition of mindless considering that, after being turned into mindless robots, his nurse slips George a gun and his creature knocks him down and runs off with Rachel. Dr. Humpp's mind control seems to be missing the entire control aspect. The only ones who seem to obey the doctor is his army of henchmen and the only thing they really do is get shot by the police at the end of the movie.

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