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Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: PG-13

Warlords from another dimension are searching for a key that will allow them to open a door between realities. One night, college student Joe Talbot (Josh Charles) awakes to find the beautiful Laura (Andrea Roth) trying to steal the crystal that his father (Tony Ervolina) gave him. Before Joe can ask Laura what's going on, they're attacked by armed assassins and barely escape with their lives. Laura takes Joe to see the surly A. T. (Rutger Hauer) and the three go to a museum to find the sceptre that Joe's crystal fits into. Unfortunately, the museum's curator is actually a warlord named Ferris (Stuart Wilson), who puts a spell on Laura. Luckily, A. T. breaks the spell and uses the sceptre and crystal to open a strange portral, allowing them to escape. Ending up on a beach somewhere, Laura and A. T. tell Joe that they are freedom fighters from another world and that the sceptre is a 'cosmic chainsaw', able to cut holes between dimensions. Joe learns that Ferris wants to use the sceptre to destroy the boundaries between all dimensions and create one reality, a reality he will rule. Joe, Laura and A. T. try to get to Laura's dimension but Ferris attacks them in 'Crossworlds', the nexus between all dimensions. Joe is knocked unconscious and, when he awakes, he's back at home and being arrested for hit and run. When his mother (Ellen Geer) bails him out of jail, Joe questions her about the crystal but she is very evasive. Back at his apartment, Joe meets Rebo (Perry Anzilotti), who claims to be a friend but, when Joe goes to see A. T., Rebo captures them and takes them to Ferris. Ferris has the crystal but A. T. will only tell him where the sceptre is hidden if he releases Laura and Joe.Laura and Joe return to free A. T. and retrieve the crystal but A. T. is apparently killed by Rebo after giving Joe the sceptre. Using the sceptre, Joe and Laura make it to 'Crossworlds' but Ferris is waiting for them. Fortunately, they're joined by a A. T. but, unfortunately, they discover that the crystal they have is a fake. A transdimensional battle ensues between Ferris and A. T. but when A. T. is felled, Joe must assume the fight. Joe is badly outmatched, until he's able to unite the sceptre and the crystal and find the strength to destroy Ferris. The movie ends with Joe joining the resistance and Joe and Laura living happily ever after.

Type of mind control: Magic

Mind control scenes:
There's only one mind control scene in this movie, where Ferris puts Laura under his spell and she tells him that Joe has the crystal he's looking for.

Subjective Rating: 1 out of 5
This is a pretty good movie but not because of the mind control. The mind control is well done but very very brief. Check out this movie for the story, the special effects or even because Andrea Roth is really hot but not for the mind control.

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