Creatures of the Night
©1997 Wicked Pictures


Genre: Adult

Rating: NC-17

Anna Malle and Colt Steele are creatures of the night. When the moon is full, their desires drive them into the streets, stalking their prey like animals ready to pounce. Walking along a deserted street, Alexandra Silk encounters Colt and is terrified that he's going to hurt her but Colt has other ideas. Looking into Alexandra's eyes, Colt tells her that he's the man of her dreams. Soon, Alexandra is melting beneath Colt's sensual touch and the two have wild passionate sex right there on the sidewalk. Elsewhere, Anna corners John Decker in a dark alley, telling him she wants his mind, his body and his soul. Seducing him with her animal charms, she tells him that he wants her more than he's ever wanted anything in his life. When Colt and Anna meet, they each sense that the other is different than their normal prey. Hearing each other's thoughts, they both find the experience too strange for their liking and go their separate ways. Later, back at home, Felecia and Yvonne tell Anna that she couldn't have heard Colt's thoughts in her head because that would mean he was like them and there are no men like them. They then do their best to take Anna's mind off of the encounter by playing with her body. Meanwhile, Colt visits a bar, driving away the other customers with just a glance and seducing Heaven Lee, the beautiful bartender, just by staring into her eyes. When Colt tells heaven to strip, she immediately begins a slow seductive striptease. Then, after being ravaged by Colt on a barstool, Heaven gets dressed and returns to work, apparently unaware of what just happened. Moments later, Anna arrives at the bar and realizes that Colt really is like her but decides that getting together with him would be too dangerous. Out on the street, Anna witnesses a sexual encounter between Mila, Jay Ashley and Tommy Gunn. When Colt shows up, looking for Anna, the two of them can no longer resist their mutual attraction and begin a strange animalistic mating ritual.

Type of mind control: Animal magnetism

Mind control scenes:
There are three mind control scenes in this movie. This first is when Alexandra Silk meets Colt on the street. She looks into Colt's eyes and within a few seconds, she goes from being paralyzed with fear to being consumed by lust. The next mind control scene is when Anna corners John Decker in an alley. Unlike Colt, Anna uses her body more than her eyes to mesmerize and seduce John. The last mind control scene is when Colt goes into the bar and seduces Heaven Lee without saying a word. Heaven looks into Colt's eyes and seems unable to look away as he leads her to a table and orders her to do a striptease for him. Later, she gets dressed and goes back behind the bar, taking Colt's drink order and commenting how she'd never seen him around before, seemingly unaware that she'd just had sex with Colt.

Subjective Rating: 3 out of 5
The first two mind control scenes are so subtle that it's difficult to tell whether Colt and Anna are actually controlling their victims or simply seducing them. The reactions of Alexandra and John to Colt and Anna could be natural instead of supernatural. The third scene, however, definitely seems to demonstrate that Colt has some kind of power over Heaven Lee that goes beyond mere sexual attraction. From the moment Colt steps into the bar and Heaven looks into his eyes, she never looks away, hardly even blinking. She just stares into Colt's eyes with a vacant look in her eyes as he leads her from behind the bar to a table. Only when he commands her to strip does she finally break eye contact, quickly moving to obey by doing a slow sensual striptease for him. This one scene alone makes the entire movie worth watching.

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