Candy Little Sister, Sugar
©1988 Vidco Entertainment


Genre: Adult

Rating: NC-17

Follows: Candy Goes to Hollywood

Attorney Jacoby N. Myers (Robert Bullock) informs Sugar Cane (Ariel Knight) that her Uncle Wilbur has died and left her half of his vast fortune totaling $2434.00. Sugar is overjoyed because, now, she can go to word-processing school. Myers takes the opportunity to demonstrate to Sugar that 'position is nine tenths of the law'. Unfortunately, the problem is that Sugar must receive her inheritance at the same time as her sister Candy but Candy has been missing for years. The last one to see Candy was her agent Johnny Dooropener (John Leslie), who is now a private dick in San Francisco. In Johnny's office, he tries to hypnotize his secretary, Tess Trueheart (Laurel Canyon) but she turns the tables and hypnotizes him, telling him that he wants her body and to give her a big raise. One of the suggestions works. Arriving in San Francisco, Sugar hires Johnny to find Candy and he sends her to the last place that Candy worked, Madame Zenobia's Palace of Puritanical Pleasure. Going undercover at Madame Zenobia's, Sugar meets Al Fresco (Peter North) and M. T. Bucket (Mike Horner) and pumps them for information. They tell her that Candy got involved with mad scientist Dr. Dastardly (Randy Spears). Meanwhile, Johnny has sent Tess to check out Helena Wunderbar (Nina Hartley) because Candy was the Wunderbar Soap girl. Tess is able to hypnotize Helena with a swinging whip, telling Helena that she wants to hire Tess and pay her a big salary and that she wants Tess's body. One of the suggestions works. Elsewhere, Sugar has been captured by Dr. Dastardly and his assistant Bitch Betty (Tiffany Storm) and is being tortured. Later, Johnny tells Sugar that he has an ace up his sleeve. Every year at Helena Wunderbar's Artist and Model's Ball and Orgy a new queen is crowned by last year's winner and Candy was last year’s winner. At the Ball, Sugar is hesitant but quickly becomes the hit of the party and is crowned the new queen. Unfortunately, Sugar never finds Candy but the movie ends with Sugar happily doing word-processing (and other things) for Johnny.

Type of mind control: Hypnosis

Mind control scenes:
There's a scene where Johnny is hypnotizing himself to increase his stamina followed a few minutes later by him trying to hypnotize Tess. Instead, Tess hypnotizes Johnny. Later, Tess hypnotizes Helena with a swinging whip.

Subjective Rating: 2 out of 5
This movie has slightly more mind control than its predecessor does but only a bit. The scene with Tess hypnotizing Helena with the whip was promising but far too brief. Skip this movie if you're looking for good mind control unless you're really desperate.

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