Candy Goes to Hollywood
©1979 Caribbean Films


Genre: Adult

Rating: NC-17

Followed by: Candy's Little Sister, Sugar

Candy Christian (Carol Conners) steps off the bus from Michigan and is dazzled by the glamor of Hollywood. Johnny Dooropener (John Leslie) sees Candy standing at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, with an awestruck look on her face, and introduces himself as a talent agent. Convincing Candy that he can make her a big star, Johnny takes to his office, located in a sleazy stripjoint. Johnny immediately calls his friend Chuck Bareass (Howie Gordon) and books Candy on The Dong Show. He then convinces Candy that he can make her a great singer using hypnosis. Once Candy is under, Johnny tells her she's licking a vanilla ice cream cone (her favorite) when she's actually licking something else. That night, Candy appears on The Dong Show and is chosen as the winner by Rex P. (Jack Birch), Jamie Close (David Penny) and J. P. Organ (Faye Burd). Backstage, Chuck Bareass personally delivers Candy's prize, even letting her spend the night at his place. The next day, Johnny takes Candy's prize money and sends her to see Johnny Farson (Gary Grime) of The Last Night Show. Hitchhiking to Burbank, Candy is picked up by Samantha (Barbara Bill), who offers to help Candy but only ends up getting her drunk and helping her out of her clothes. In Burbank, Candy 'rehearses' with Johnny Farson but is bumped from the show due to lack of time. Farson makes it up to Candy by letting her spend the night at his penthouse. Next, Johnny sends Candy to do 'audition' for movie producer Samuel Goldicker (Turk Lyon). Goldicker videotapes Candy's screen test as they act out a 'love' scene from his movie. Johnny picks Candy up and, after getting his commission from Goldicker, he sends Candy to get her hair done for the pick Hollywood party he's taking her to. Meanwhile, he 'auditions' another young woman in his office, waking her with a clap of his hands and sending her on her way when Candy arrives. That night, Candy discovers that 'party' is actually a wild orgy involving all the big Hollywood names, like Sarah Dawcett (Ronda Jo Petty). When Candy goes to powder her nose, she encounters three other 'actresses' who were promised the same part by Goldicker. While the three women 'have a talk' with their agent, Johnny Dooropener, candy quietly slips away, deciding to try her luck in Washington.

Type of mind control: Hypnosis

Mind control scenes:
There's only one obvious mind control scene is this movie. It's at the very beginning when Johnny hypnotizes Candy to believe she's licking an ice cream cone. I believe that the other girl that Johnny 'auditions' is also supposed to be hypnotized but we don't see Johnny hypnotize her and she doesn't act hypnotized. The only indication she was hypnotized is that Johnny claps his hands in front of her face and she blinks a couple of times before asking, "Did I dance okay, Mr. Dooropener?"

Subjective Rating: 1 out of 5
The mind control in this movie is so brief that, if you blink, you might miss it. Watch this movie for the sex, if that's what you're looking for, but don't bother watching it for the mind control.

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