Breast Files 3
©1996 Avica Entertainment


Genre: Adult

Rating: NC-17

FBI Assistant Director Smoker (Eric Edwards) sits in his office with Agents Titler (Sophia Capri) and Tatler (Sherelle) watching a video of two women (Natalie Tizara and Lotta Gue) making out. When Agent Fox Moaner (Michael J. Cox) arrives, Smoker explains that he has a job for Moanerís unit, the Breast Files. Smoker fast forwards to a part of the tape showing a woman (Kimberly Kupps) fondling her large breasts while a strange man tells her how wonderful they are. Smoker tells Moaner that the woman on the tape is Senator Packwood's wife and that she's been missing for two weeks. After watching the rest of the tape, Smoker assigns Moaner to locate Mrs. Packwood, find out why she made the tape and find out who the strange man making the tape is. Moaner meets up with his partner, Agent Scilly (Jamie Lee) and the two of them check out the offices of Pretty Girls International, who provide talent for adult films. There, they meet Reb (Frank Bukkwyd) who tells them that Mrs. Packwood now goes by the name Gina Goblets and is in the next room. Pretending to be adult film makers, Moaner and Scilly try to question Mrs. Packwood but soon discover that her brain has been emptied and all sheís interested in is having sex with Rebís assistant (Julian St. Saques). Finding himself at a dead end, Moaner turns to confidential informant Deep Throat, who turns out to be Agent Titler. Titler tells him that Smoker got the tape from Avica Entertainment and that the strange man making the tape is known as Melon Man a.k.a. Zeppelin Fellow a.k.a. Hooter Boy. Melon Man has a whole series of films featuring buxom women being interviewed and having sex. Titler tells Moaner that something about Melon Manís voice makes the women willing to do anything for him. Later, back at the FBI, Moaner and Scilly watch another Melon Man film featuring other important Washington wives who have all been reported missing but returned home since then. Breaking into Avica Entertainment, Moaner finds evidence that the missing womenís brains have been replaced with silicone while Melon Man gets the drop on Scilly. Falling under Melon Manís influence, Scilly plays with her enormous breasts and admits that she has the hots for Moaner. Melon Man makes Scilly call Moaner and he also falls under Melon Manís influence. Moaner and Scilly make love under Melon Manís direction but, afterward, Moaner breaks free and captures Melon Man. When Melon Man is unmasked, he turns out to be Assistant Director Smoker who lusted after power as well as women with big breasts. The movie ends with Moaner and Scilly exploring their new relationship.

Type of mind control: Seductive voice

Mind control scenes:
Right from the beginning of the film there's plenty of mind control with several scenes of Mrs. Packwood fondling herself and having sex. Then, near the end of the movie, Agents Scilly and Moaner are both controlled by Melon Man.

Subjective Rating: 4 out of 5
Although the movie contains a lot of mind control, since we don't see Mrs. Packwood before Melon Man gets a hold of her, other than Melon Man's strange voice telling her what to do, it's sometimes hard to tell that she is being controlled. She could just be an exhibitionist. Fortunately, the movie makes up for this with Moaner and Scilly. Throughout the film it's established that the partners have a confrontational relationship and don't see eye to eye on anything. Scilly is particularly portrayed as very businesslike and disdainful of Moaner's theories on UFOs and the paranormal. That all changes when Melon Man strips away Scilly's tough exterior (as well as her clothes) and makes her admit that Moaner is the only man she wants to play with her breasts. Watching Scilly transformed from cold fish to hot tamale makes this film more than watchable for a mind control fan. Moaner gets controlled too but I don't think convincing him to have sex with Scilly was all that difficult.

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