The Brain From Planet Arous
©1957 Howco Productions Inc.


Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: NR

When Steve March (John Agar) and his friend Dan Murphy (Robert Fuller) investigate intermittent radiation emanating from Mystery Mountain, they find Gor (the voice of Dale Tate), a giant brain from the planet Arous. Gor kills Dan and 'possesses' Steve. When Steve returns home, his fiancée Sally Fallon (Joyce Meadows) notices that he's acting strangely and convinces her father (Thomas Browne Henry) to investigate Mystery Mountain. There, they find Dan's charred remains and Vol (the voice of Dale Tate), another giant brain from Arous, who's been sent to capture Gor. Vol explains that Gor will only be vulnerable when he leaves Steve's body to absorb oxygen. He then 'possesses' Sally's dog George so he can keep an eye on Steve/Gor. That night, on his way to meet Sally for a date, Steve/Gor destroys a passing airplane with just a thought. On their date, Sally pretends that everything is normal while trying to get information about Gor's plans. When news of the plane crash comes on the radio, Sally convinces Steve/Gor to check it out. At the crash site, Professor Dale Tate (Dale Tate) reveals that an unknown form of radiation destroyed the plane. Steve/Gor then suggests that, if the radiation is extraterrestrial, an alien with that kind of power could rule the world. Later that night, Vol explains to Sally that, even outside Steve's body, there is only one spot where Gor is vulnerable. Meanwhile, Gor is killing the local sheriff (Tim Graham), who is trying to arrest Steve for the murder of Dan. The next day, General Brown (E. Leslie Thomas) and Colonel Frogley (Henry Travis) of the U.S. military conclude from the results of the plane crash that an alien has indeed invaded the Earth. However, they decide to proceed with the nuclear test they had planned. Unfortunately, Steve/Gor shows up and uses the test site to demonstrate his incredible power. He then orders the General to arrange a meeting with representatives of all the world's superpowers. At the meeting, Steve/Gor demands that the Earth's entire workforce be used to build an interplanetary fleet to invade his home world. He makes his point by blowing another airplane out of the sky. Steve/Gor then returns home just as Sally is leaving Steve a note that explains Gor's vulnerability. Desperate for oxygen, Gor leaves Steve's body as soon as they enter Steve's lab and is immediately distracted by Sally. Fortunately, Steve finds Sally's note and attacks Gor with an axe, hitting his weak spot and killing him. With Gor dead, Vol returns to world.

Type of mind control: Alien possession

Mind control scenes:
Steve spends most of the movie 'possessed' by Gor, carrying out Gor's plan to enslave the Earth, and we actually see Gor take possession of Steve's body a couple of times.

Subjective Rating: 3 out of 5
The mind control in this movie is very extensive. Steve spends a lot of time under Gor's control...perhaps too much time. The special effects used to demonstrate Gor's 'possession' are pretty cheesy and used sparingly and we don't really see enough of Steve when Gor's not controlling him to properly illustrate the difference in his behavior. Most of the time it's difficult to tell that Steve is being controlled at all.

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