Blue Aphrodite
©2000 VCA Pictures


Genre: Adult

Rating: NC-17

Artist Daniel Lynch (Steve Hatcher) has created his greatest sculpture ever, a piece titled 'Blue Aphrodite'. 'Blue Aphrodite' is so erotic it inspires his girlfriend Linda (Alexandra Silk) to reward him for all his hard work. Daniel and Linda are in for a real shock, however, when the real goddess Aphrodite (Kylie Ireland) uses the statue to escape Mount Olympus and come to Earth for some fun. Forced to baby-sit Aphrodite as she explores this wondrous world, Linda takes Aphrodite for a massage. At the massage parlor, Aphrodite informs Linda that she can sense love...and lust and that the masseuse, Julianne (Brooke Hunter), lusts for her. Linda is shocked and disgusted, rejecting the Julianne's advances until Aphrodite casts a spell and Linda happily accepts a very 'special' massage from the beautiful masseuse. Meanwhile, Aphrodite has met Janine (Adaija) and the effeminate Laurence (Kyle Stone). When Janine questions Laurence's sexual orientation, Aphrodite casts a spell that proves to Janine that Laurence is definitely a lady's man. That evening, Linda convinces Aphrodite to change back into a statue for the official unveiling of Daniel's new masterpiece on the condition that Aphrodite can join the festivities afterward. However, Aphrodite can't wait and casts a spell on Daniel's agent Lucy (Julie Meadows) and art critic Reilly (Alec Metro) that leads to a meeting of the minds...and bodies. Returning to human form, Aphrodite poses for photographer Jake (Chris Cannon) but when Jake notices that the statue is missing, Aphrodite casts a spell a spell on him so that he only has eyes (and other body parts) for her. After the party, Daniel and Linda convince Aphrodite to return to Olympus so they can sell the statue to a rich oil man but Aphrodite decides to 'reward' Daniel before she goes. Meanwhile, Linda is getting her own 'reward' when Aphrodite's son Eros (Ian Daniels) shows up to have Daniel make a statue of him.

Type of mind control: Magic

Mind control scenes:
Aphrodite casts four spells. The first spell is cast on Linda to have her make love with Julianne, the masseuse. The second spell is cast on Laurence and Janine to prove to Janine that the effeminate Laurence likes women. The third spell is cast on Daniel's agent Lucy and art critic Reilly so Lucy can show Reilly just how good Daniel's statue is. The last spell is cast on the photographer Jake so he will only have eyes for Aphrodite and not notice that the statue is missing.

Subjective Rating: 4 out of 5
The mind control in this movie is pretty good, especially for an adult movie. Like most adult movies, Aphrodite's spells are only used to motivate the sex scenes, which is why it only received 4 out of 5, but there's more mind control in this movie than in most adult movies. The mind control is also reasonably well portrayed. Linda's sudden change from being disgusted by the notion that Julianne lusts after her to her acceptance and eager participation in some female bonding is especially well done. If you're not put off by explicit sex and want a little lusty magic thrown in to spice it up, then I definitely recommend this movie.

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