Ancient Desires
©1999 Oranton Ltd./Riouw Beleggingen/Click Productions


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: R?

Archeologist George Reno (Dugan Hayes) is giving a lecture on the history of sex when a mysterious woman (Jenna Bodnar) appears. The woman's amulet seems to distract George and he imagines having sex with her. A few hours later, George is on his way to South America where he hires Luis Rivero (Johnny Saldi) to guide him to the temple of the first Incan. George discovers that Luis is using a pair of prostitutes (Gabriella Hall and Amber Newman) to carry their equipment and refuses the women's 'services'. George finds the temple and discovers that the mysterious woman at his lecture was really the Mummy Queen who craves sexual energy to restore her power. The Queen seduces George and splits him into his intellectual and sexual halves. The sexual George escapes with the Queen, trapping the intellectual George in the temple. Back at the camp, the Queen feeds on Luis to build her power while George seduces the prostitutes. In America, George's assistant Bob (Steve Curtis) opens the crate George shipped home and is seduced by the Queen who splits him in two. The sexual George shows up and knocks out the intellectual Bob, sealing him in the crate. Needing sexual energy to survive, sexual George goes home to seduce his wife Anne (Regina Russell) but she is frightened by his uncharacteristic passion and runs away. Fleeing to the museum, Anne frees intellectual Bob from crate and the two are confronted by the Queen and sexual Bob. Sexual George shows up but dies from a lack of sexual energy. The Queen tries to make Anne choose between the two Bobs but Anne grabs the Queen's amulet. The Queen apparently dies, taking sexual Bob with her. To recover from their harrowing experience, Anne and Bob take a trip to Egypt. After Anne and Bob have sex in one of the pyramids, their tour guide Omar (T. Midnight) finds the Queen's amulet. When Omar gives the amulet to his wife Sasha (Zoe Paul), the Queen possesses her. Sasha then gives the amulet to Anne and she becomes possessed by the Queen. Meanwhile, Bob has found George in Egypt. George explains that the Incan temple and the Egyptian pyramids are portals powered by sexual energy and when Anne and Bob had sex in the pyramid, it allowed him and the Queen to escape. Elsewhere, the Queen is using Anne's body to try and quench her insatiable sexual hunger. Donning disguises George and Bob approach Anne/the Queen, claiming to possess a powerful potion that can satisfy her. When the Queen drops her guard and allows them to get close, they grab the amulet, freeing Anne from the Queen's control.

Type of mind control: Magic

Mind control scenes:
The first part of the movie may or may not contain any mind control. The Queen splits George and Bob into their intellectual and sexual halves and seems to exert some amount of control over the men's sexual sides but that control may simply be sexual attraction. However, the second part of the movie definitely contains quite a bit of mind control. Sasha and Anne are both possessed by the Queen while wearing her amulet and Sasha remains the Queen's slave even after giving the amulet to Anne. Anne also gathers other people for a banquet/orgy by simply walking through the crowd and touching them. The mesmerized people then present Anne/the Queen with gifts and engage in sex to replenish the Queen's power.

Subjective Rating: 4 out of 5
The mind control in the second part of the movie is definitely worth checking out. The special effect of Sasha and Anne looking into reflective surfaces and seeing the Queen's face smiling back at them leaves no doubt that they are in the Queen's control. Sasha isn't 'possessed' for long but the scene of her declaring her loyalty to the Queen is really hot. Regina Russell also does a reasonably good job of portraying Anne's possession by the Queen. She easily slips from sweet and innocent to cruel and arrogant. My only complaint was that, in my opinion, the mind control didn't really start until well into the movie. However, if you feel that the Queen splitting George and Bob into their intellectual and sexual halves qualifies as mind control, then the mind control starts much sooner and you should probably sonsider this movie a 5 out of 5.

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