Alien Erotica 2
©1999 Oranton Ltd./Riouw Beleggingen/Click Productions


Genre: Sci-fi

Rating: R?

Also known as:
Alien Files II
Alien Species II: The Sex Files

Follows: Alien Files

The alien fungus with the aphrodisiac spores from 'Alien Files' is back and this time it's landed in a dumpster. Pepe Purdue (Giovanni Moretti) is a busboy who is mercilessly abused by a bitchy waitress named Angel (Michelle Hall), until he is sprayed by the alien fungus. Soon, Angel and another waitress (Griffin Drew) are throwing themselves at Pepe. Pepe takes the fungus home and, the next day, he uses the spores to pick up a female jogger (Julia Kruis). At Pepe's apartment, his lovely landlord (Stella Porter) arrives, looking for the rent, and gets sprayed by the fungus. When FBI agents Forrest (Kira Reed) and Daniels (Scott Haynes) show up looking for the fungus, Daniels is overcome and attacks the landlord. Luckily, Agent Forrest and Pepe are able to give the fungus a cold shower, negating the spores. Forrest and Daniels deliver the fungus to their headquarters in 'Area 69' but Dr. Betty Brooks (Regina Russell) and Dr. Dan Jonas (Brad Bartram), who are to dissect the fungus, get sprayed by it and are overcome with lust. The spores spread throughout the base and, soon, Natalie (Amber Newman) is enjoying her first lesbian encounter with Joy (Susan LeSage), Nurse Swanson (Gabriella Hall) is giving a patient (John Smith) some 'special' care and Sergeant Rock is living up to his name with Private Parts. Agents Forrest and Daniels are also affected but Agent Forrest is able to fight back her sexual urges long enough to activate the base's sprinkler system and give everyone a cold shower. Following the incident, Agent Forrest takes a vacation at a lush Caribbean resort but can't resist investigating room 699, where strange things happen. In fact, while making up the room, a maid (Mia) answers the phone and is thrown into a wild sexual frenzy that leads to a tete-a-tete with the desk clerk (Brent Norta). That night, Agent Forrest receives a mysterious visit from her former partner, Agent Preston (Micah Bradshaw), but quickly discovers that room 699 is a portal to an alien spaceship. There, 'John' is using his 'vibrapack' to experiment on the previous occupants of room 699 (Claudia Miller and Steve Curtis), as a prelude to invasion. Fortunately, Agent Forrest is able to escape and take the 'vibrapack' with her.

Type of mind control: Aphrodesiac/Alien technology

Mind control scenes:
Assuming you consider the use of an aphrodisiac as mind control, the first part of this movie has a lot of mind control scenes. The alien spores affect the waitresses at the restaurant, Pepe's landlord, Agent Daniels, Dr. Brooks and Dr. Jonas, marines Natalie and Joy, Nurse Swanson, Sergeant Rock, Private Parts and even Agent Forrest. All of them are thrown into a sexual frenzy when they encounter the spores. In the second part of the movie, the mind control starts when the maid is driven into a sexual frenzy after answering the phone in room 699. Agent Forrest then has sex with Agent Preston, even though he is in Washington, but it's unclear whether this is mind control and, if so, what kind. Finally, the alien named 'John' uses his 'vibrapack' on a pair of newlyweds, who were the previous occupants of room 699, to stimulate their arousal and make them believe they are making love in a beautiful garden.

Subjective Rating: 4 out of 5
This movie is jam packed with mind control and the mind control is very well portrayed. The only reason it didn't receive a 5 out of 5 is because of the inconsistency of the effect of the alien spores. In some cases, a person who is sprayed with the spores becomes uncontrollably aroused (like the first movie) but in other cases, a person sprayed with the spores becomes irresistible to others. This can't even be explained as a difference between men and women because there's no consistency by gender either. Other than that, it's an excellent movie and I highly recommend it.

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