Vampyros Lesbos
©1970 CCC Telecine


Genre: Horror

Rating: NR

Also known as:
Heiress of Dracula, The
Heritage of Dracula, The
Lesbian Vampires
Lesbian Vampires: The Heiress of Dracula
Sign of the Vampire, The
Signo del vampiro, El
Strange Adventure of Jonathan Harker, The
Vampiras, Las
Vampire Women, The
Vampyros Lesbos: Die Erbin des Dracula

Linda Westinghouse (Ewa Stroemberg) is having dreams about a strange dark-haired woman (Susann Korda). When she and her boyfriend, Omar (Viktor Feldmann), visit a nightclub, Linda is shocked to see the woman from her dreams performing there. Her therapist, Dr. Steiner (Paul Muller), says she is sexually frustrated and needs to find a better lover. The next day, Linda is sent to Anatolia to see Countess Nadine Carody about an inheritance but misses the last boat to the Countess' island and must stay in a hotel. That night, the bellboy, Memmet (Jesus Franco), warns Linda not to go to the Countess' island but when Linda meets him later to find out why, she sees him killing a young woman (Eva Garden). The next day, Linda visits the Countess and discovers that the Countess is the woman from her dreams and from the nightclub. Over dinner, the Countess explains that her inheritance is from Count Dracula and that, one day soon, she will pass it on to someone else. A few minutes later, Linda passes out from drinking drugged wine and, while she's drugged, the Countess mesmerizes and seduces her. Later, when Linda wakes, she sees the Countess floating in the pool, apparently dead, and she collapses. The scene then shifts to a clinic, where a woman named Agra (Heidrun Kussin) rants about the 'Queen of the Night' returning for her. At the clinic, Dr. Seward (Dennis Price) asks Linda who she is but Linda canít remember. Luckily, Omar comes looking for her and Dr. Seward explains that Linda was found unconscious on the beach. Meanwhile, the Countess explains to her assistant, Morpho (José Martinez Blanco), how Dracula rescued her from being raped (which is why she hates all men) and how he initiated her into the ways of the vampire, just like she plans to initiate Linda. Tracking Linda down, the Countess summons her to a house high above the city, where she makes Linda drink blood that she has drained from Omar. Luckily, Dr. Seward is able to save Omar and warn Linda that she is in danger from a vampire. Unfortunately, Linda begins to grow weaker and weaker until she suddenly disappears without a trace. Having been warned about the 'Queen of the Night' by Agra, Omar immediately goes to the nightclub but the Countess escapes after killing her dance partner. Then, the Countess visits the clinic and kills Dr. Seward for trying to take Linda from her. Meanwhile, with the aid of Dr. Steiner, Omar continues to hunt the Countess but the Countess doesn't have Linda. Memmet, who plans to kill her for visiting the woman who took his beautiful wife Agra from him, has kidnapped Linda. Fortunately, Linda escapes and heads for the Countess' island, where she has fled with Omar and Dr. Steiner hot on her trail. Linda finds the Countess dying, claiming that Linda's blood is the only thing that can save her. Linda almost succumbs to the Countess' pleas but, summoning all her willpower, she quickly kills the Countess. Moments later, Omar and Dr. Steiner appear and take Linda away, trying to convince her that it was all a bad dream.

Type of mind control: Vampiric powers

Mind control scenes:
Linda is under the Countess' influence throughout the entire movie, first through her dreams and then more directly. The two most obvious scenes of mind control are when the Countess mesmerizes and seduces Linda after drugging her wine and when the Countess summons Linda to the house above the city, where she makes Linda drink Omar's blood before biting her.

Subjective Rating: 4 out of 5
This movie is a cinematic masterpiece with lots of symbolism thrown in, like repeated shots of a scorpion that represents the Countess and a butterfly that represents Linda. Unfortunately, this can also make the movie hard to follow and keep you guessing about what is real and what is imagined. That's why I only gave the movie 4 out of 5. Often, it's difficult to tell whether the Countess is actually controlling Linda or just leading her astray. Then again, there's always the possibility that Linda is imagining the whole thing. I'm not a great fan of the whole 'look into my eyes' vampire shtick but a few more hints about what the Countess is really doing to Linda would have been nice for us mind control fans and probably made the movie slightly more enjoyable.

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