Twins of Evil
©1971 Hammer Film Productions Ltd.


Genre: Horror

Rating: R

Also know as:
The Gemini Twins
Twins of Dracula
The Virgin Vampires

The Vampire Lovers
Lust for a Vampire

Obsessed with ridding their town of evil, Gustav Weil (Peter Cushing) and the Brotherhood capture young women and burn them alive. When their parents are killed, Maria and Frieda (Mary and Madeleine Collinson) are sent to live with their tyrannical Uncle Gustav and their Aunt Katy (Kathleen Byron). Maria does her best to obey her uncle but Frieda rebels. Each night, the Brotherhood find and burn more innocent women but are unable to touch the true source of evil in their town, a nobleman named Count Karnstein (Damien Thomas). In his castle, Karnstein kills a young peasant girl because he's bored and inadvertently resurrects the evil Countess Mircalla (Katya Wyeth). Sent by Satan, Mircalla bites Karnstein and makes him a vampire. The next day, Maria and Frieda meet Ingrid Hoffer (Isobel Black) and her brother Anton (David Warbeck) who run the school for girls. Maria is instantly smitten with Anton but Anton is drawn to Frieda, while Frieda only has eyes for Count Karnstein. That night, Frieda sneaks away to Karnstein's castle, leaving Maria to bear her uncle's wrath. At the castle, Karnstein offers to bite Frieda and make her a vampire and Frieda accepts. Meanwhile, sickened by Gustav's killing spree, Anton sends a warning to the church but, when Gustav finds out, he threatens Ingrid. Fearing for her safety, Anton tries to send Ingrid away but Frieda kills her. Night after night, Frieda sneaks out to 'feed', until she gets careless and is captured by the Brotherhood. Unfortunately, while the Brotherhood debates Frieda's fate, Count Karnstein kidnaps Maria and switches her with her evil sister. Deciding that Frieda must die, the brotherhood takes her into the woods to burn her, unaware that they have the wrong woman. Luckily, Anton has gone to check on Maria and, when he sees that she has no reflection, he realizes what has happened. Escaping Frieda's clutches, Anton rides into the woods and arrives just in time to save Maria. Realizing that Karnstein must be stopped at any cost, the Brotherhood set out to destroy him. Knowing that fire won't kill him, Karnstein refuses to flee, unaware that Anton has told the Brotherhood how to really kill a vampire. By the time he realizes his mistake, Karnstein is cornered in his castle. When he sends Frieda to check if the way is clear, Gustav decapitates her. Unfortunately, Karnstein gets hold of Maria and uses her for protection. Karnstein kills Gustav but a well-thrown spear by Anton pierces Karnstein's heart and sends him straight to hell.

Type of mind control: Vampiric stare

Mind control scenes:
There are two mind control scenes in this movie, both late in the movie and very close together. The first scene is where Count Karnstein mesmerizes the jailer to allow him to switch Maria for Frieda. The second scene is where Frieda mesmerizes Anton, intending to bite him. Fortunately (or unfortunately), when he sees that she has no reflection, the shock breaks her control over him.

Subjective Rating: 2 out of 5
The mind control scene with the jailer isn't too bad, with the jailer standing motionless as Count Karnstein carries Maria into the jail and escapes with Frieda. The scene with Frieda mesmerizing Anton was a complete waste of time since all she does is make him kiss and fondle her, which he probably would have done without being mesmerized. In the end, this movie has even less mind control than most vampire flicks and I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a hardcore vampire fan.

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