There's Nothing Out There


Genre: Horror

Rating: NR

Sally Foster (Lisa Grant) crashes her car on a deserted road but is unhurt. That is, until she's attacked by a pair of huge tentacles. The next day, Mike (Craig Peck), Doreen (Wendy Bednarz), Jim (Mark Collver), Stacy (Bonnie Bowers), Nick (John Carhart III), Janet (Claudia Flores) and David (Jeff Dachis) pass the scene of Sally's accident on their way to spend spring break at Nick's parent's cabin. Mike, a fan of horror movies, tells the others that this is a warning and urges them to turn back but they just laugh. The group arrives at the cabin and, other than a group of punks skinny-dipping in their pond, everything seems normal. At least until dinner, when the leftover chicken disappears, leaving only a pan full of green slime. Despite Mike's continued warnings, Janet and David go for a walk in the woods and, sure enough, a monster with huge green tentacles kills David. Janet flees in terror but runs into a tree and knocks herself unconscious. Back at the cabin, Mike decides to barricade himself in his room. Doreen and Jim go for a swim and make it back to the cabin, blissfully unaware of the creature stalking them, when Doreen is pulled into the basement by a tentacle. Believing that Doreen simply fell down the stairs and annoyed at his constant harping about the danger they're in, the others lock Mike in the basement. Luckily, Mike uses a water pipe to fend off the creature and escape through a window. The next morning, Nick goes to town to fetch a plumber to fix the broken pipe, while Stacy goes swimming and Jim checks on Doreen. Moments later, the monster kills Jim and knocks Doreen unconscious with beams from its eyes. Investigating the commotion, Stacy is attacked by the monster but is able to escape and runs into Mike. Waking Doreen, the three barricade themselves in Mike's room but are forced to leave their hiding place when Janet stumbles out of the woods. Unfortunately, just as they're getting Janet to safety, Doreen's eyes start to glow green and she goes crazy, killing Janet with a baseball bat before Stacy is forced to kill her. Faced with a mind-controlling flesh-eating tentacled green monster, Mike and Stacy barricade themselves in the basement but are again forced to venture forth when Nick returns from town. They try getting away in Nick's car but the monster attacks the car and they drive into the pond. The plumber (Ronald St. Denis) shows up a few minutes later but the monster quickly kills him. Tired of running, Mike, Stacy and Nick set a trap for the monster, using mirrors to lure it into the oven. The trap works but not before the monster zaps Stacy with its eye beams. While Mike cooks the monster alive, Stacy tries to kill Nick with a carving knife, finally returning to her senses when the monster dies. On their way back to town in the plumber's van, the trio picks up Sally but toss her out of the van when they discover she has green eyes.

Type of mind control: Unknown (eye beams)

Mind control scenes:
The mind control begins when the monster zaps Doreen with its eye beams but isn't revealed until a little while later when Doreen attacks Stacy and Janet with a baseball bat. The only other mind control scene is near the end of the movie when the monster zaps Stacy and she tries to kill Nick with a carving knife.

Subjective Rating: 3 out of 5
Although the mind control in this movie is far too brief, it is still well done. The glowing green eyes nicely compliment the women's sudden change in attitude from frightened damsel in distress to ferocious killer. I would like to have seen the monster use his eye beams more often and for more than making the women go on a killing spree (after all, the monster uses women to reproduce) but this was obviously not designed to be a mind control movie. It was obviously designed to be a campy horror flick and it does that very well.

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