Requiem for a Vampire
©1971 Les filmes ABC


Genre: Horror

Rating: R

Also known as:
Caged Vampires
Caged Virgins
The Crazed Vampire
Crazed Virgins
Dungeon of Terror
Requiem pour un vampire
Sex Vampires
Vierges at vampires
Virgins and Vampires
Virgins and the Vampires

Dressed as clowns, Marie (Marie-Pierre Castel) and Michele (Mireille D'Argent) flee from the police after murdering a man at a New Years party. Ditching their bullet-ridden car, they switch to a motorcycle and steal some cash from a roadside vendor. When their motorcycle dies, they're forced to hide in a cemetery, where Michele is almost buried alive. Making their way through the woods, the two girls are mesmerized by a pair of bats hanging in a tree. A short time later, they approach a castle, gently rubbing the fresh bite marks on their necks. In the castle tower, they find a bed and decide to take refuge for the night but when they hear music, they decide to investigate. In the castle dungeon, they encounter the vampire Erica (Dominique) and flee in terror but are captured by Louise (Louise Dhour) and a trio of muscle-bound brutes (Michel Delesalle, Antoine Mausin and Olivier François). Erica appears and tries to bite them but they break free and run from the castle. Unfortunately, they encounter another vampire (Philippe Gasté), who entrances and controls them. They are then taken to a mausoleum, where the vampire bites them. The next morning, Marie and Michele try to leave but quickly find that all paths lead back to the castle. They go to the cemetery and try to kill the vampire but are stopped by Erica, who takes them to Louise. Louise tells the girls that the vampire in the mausoleum is the last vampire but that they will be 'initiated' so their virgin blood can revitalize the vampire and he can pass his 'blessed malediction' on to Louise and the others as he's done with Erica. But first, the girls are ordered to lure new victims to the castle. Michele gladly entices an innocent passerby into the castle and gives him to Erica but when Marie brings Frederic (Paul Bisciglia) to the castle, she asks him to make love to her then hides him from the others. That night, everyone gathers at the cemetery for Marie and Michele's first 'embrace' but when the vampire discovers that Marie is no longer a virgin, she runs away. While Louise and the others search for Marie and Frederic, the vampire captures Frederic and turns on Marie. However, instead of killing Marie, the vampire tells her that the others will never be like him and he is simply using them and their lust for his power to prolong his dwindling life. He says that even Erica's vampiric transformation will always remain incomplete. Then, with the sun rising, the vampire returns to his coffin, leaving Frederic locked in the mausoleum. Returning to the castle, Marie is tortured by her friend Michele to divulge where Frederic is hiding but when Erica arrives and tries to kill Marie, Michele attacks Erica and releases Marie. Erica is about to kill both Marie and Michele when Louise shows up and lets them go so she can follow them to Frederic. At the cemetery, Marie frees Frederic while Michele holds the others at bay with a gun. Unfortunately, they run out of bullets and things look grim until the vampire appears and tells Louise and Erica that the girls are free to leave. He orders Erica to join him in the mausoleum and orders Louise to guard the mausoleum and bury their remains when he and Erica die.

Type of mind control: Vampiric powers

Mind control scenes:
The mind control in this movie begins when Marie and Michele encounter two bats in a tree. The bats attach themselves to the girl's necks, mesmerizing them and sending them to the castle. That night, when Marie and Michele encounter the vampire while fleeing from Erica, he releases the bats from his cape and they again attach themselves to the girl's necks, mesmerizing them so the vampire can take them to his mausoleum and bite them. Near the end of the movie, Marie and Michele find Frederic locked in the mausoleum in some kind of trance but we don't see how he was put in the trance.

Subjective Rating: 4 out of 5
The mind control in this movie is your typical vampiric mind control but it gets extra points for originality. I've never seen another vampire movie where the vampire controls his victims by releasing bats that attach themselves to the victim's necks. The wide-eyed stare that Marie-Pierre Castel and Mireille D'Argent use to portray the vampire's control was also very good. However, like most vampire movies, this one could have used more mind control.

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