Pale Blood
©1990 J. T. Media Incorporated


Genre: Horror

Rating: R

Michael Fury (George Chakiris) arrives in Los Angeles to meet a private detective named Lori (Pamela Ludwig), who he's been paying to investigate a series of murders. The 'vampire killer' has been using sharpened incisors to bite the necks of his victims and drain them of their blood but there's never any evidence. Lori was assigned to the case because she's fascinated with the occult. Michael decides to check out the scene of the latest murder and encounters a video artist named Van Vandameer (Wings Hauser) videotaping the murder scene. Following Van back to his studio, Michael sees him meet with his girlfriend Cherry (Darcy DeMoss) and her friend Jenny (Diana Frank). Cherry stays with Van but Jenny leaves and goes to a nightclub. Michael follows Jenny to the club, seemingly mesmerizing her from across the room and going home with her. At Jenny's apartment, Michael makes love to Jenny before baring his fangs and biting her on the breast. That same night, Michael visits Lori at home and they debate the possibility that it's a real vampire doing the killings. Michael tries to tell Lori that vampires don't really exist but Lori is unconvinced. After Michael leaves, Lori tries to contact the spirits of the vampire's victims, hoping they can help her find their killer, but it's Michael who sees visions of the grisly murders. The next morning, Jenny tells Cherry about Michael and his 'hypnotic eyes'. Later that day, Van videotapes Cherry and Jenny and, while reviewing the tape, he notices the bite marks on Jenny's breast. When night falls again, Michael tries to contact the spirits of the vampire's victims and it's Lori who sees the visions. Michael meets Jenny in a bar and Jenny wants to know everything about him because she's falling in love with him. Michael hypnotizes Jenny and tells her not to ask any questions. A few minutes later, Cherry and Van show up but when Van recognizes Michael from the last murder scene, he leaves quickly. Back at his studio, Van reviews his tape from the murder scene and sees Michael using his vampiric powers. Meanwhile, Lori checks out Van's background and she discovers that he belongs to several offbeat organizations as well as having had psychotic drug episodes. She also checks out Michael's background and discovers that he doesn't have one. She goes to Michael's condo to look around but Michael shows up and surprises her. They discuss the visions they each had and, again, Lori tries to contact the victims, despite Michael's warnings about the danger. This time, they both have the visions and Lori passes out. When she wakes, Michael is gone. The next day, Jenny sneaks into Van's place to get the videotapes that Michael was interested in but Van catches her. He takes her to a room lined with garlic and crosses, intending to use her as bait to capture Michael. He also admits to killing the previous 'vampire' victims in order to lure a real vampire, in this case Michael, out into the open. Later, when Michael tries to contact the murder victims he sees a vision of Van using a machine to drain Jenny of her blood. He rushes to Jenny's rescue but she's dead by the time he arrives. He confronts Van but Van shoots him, not killing him but giving Van enough time to lock him up. Van then watches Michael on hidden cameras. Meanwhile, back at Michael's condo, Lori tries to contact the murder victims and sees that Michael is in danger. She goes to Van's studio but Van locks her in the room with Michael, knowing that Michael needs blood and hoping that he can videotape Michael biting her. Unfortunately, what Van doesn't know is that Lori is a vampire too. Michael does bite Lori and, revitalized by her, he is able to easily escape the room and attack Van, throwing him around like a rag doll. The movie closes with Van in a mental ward, telling the other inmates about the vampires until Michael and Lori pay him an ominous visit.

Type of mind control: Vampiric Stare

Mind control scenes:
There is one possible mind control scene and one definite mind control scene in this movie. The possible mind control scene is where Jenny sees Michael in the nightclub. She stares at him and he stares at her, hinting that he is mesmerizing her. However, it could just be natural attraction since there is no real evidence of entrancement. The definite mind control scene is where Michael mesmerizes Jenny and tells her to stop asking questions about him.

Subjective Rating: 2 out of 5
This is a reasonably good movie but not for the mind control. If the scene in the nightclub is a mind control scene, then it's not done very well. It simply cuts from Michael and Jenny staring at each other to the pair arriving at her apartment. The scene in the bar, where Michael tells Jenny to stop asking questions, is much better. Jenny definitely appears to be hypnotized and Michael uses a strange voice when talking to her, indicating he's using his power on her. Unfortunately, it's only one scene and it's relatively short.

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