Cold Hearts
©1999 How Bad Do You Want It? Productions


Genre: Horror

Rating: R

Also known as: Fangs 2

Viktoria (Marisa Ryan) lives by the seaside with her friends Alicia (Amy Jo Johnson) and Darius (Jon Huertas). Making her life miserable is her ex-boyfriend Charles (Christopher Wiehl) and his gang of thugs (Christian Campbell, Dale Godboldo, James Palmer and Greg Jackson). One night, a mysterious stranger appears and rescues Viktoria from Charles before disappearing again. Later, Viktoria meets Seth (Robert Floyd) on the beach and when it starts to rain, Viktoria invites Seth back to her place to dry off. Suddenly, Viktoria receives a frantic call from Darius, saying that Alicia is refusing to eat, and rushes to Alicia’s to find her weak and emaciated. Viktoria gives Alicia some of her blood to sustain her and the two vampires go and feed on a pair of crooks. Meanwhile, Seth goes looking for Viktoria and meets up with Charles. Charles invites Seth to hang out with him and his ‘horsemen’ but when one of the thugs picks a fight with Seth, Seth kicks his ass and leaves. Elsewhere, Viktoria is telling Alicia how she and her ex-boyfriend Jake became vampires but Jake couldn’t handle it and killed himself by lying out in the sun all day. Later, when Viktoria, Alicia and Darius meet Seth on the boardwalk, Viktoria learns that Seth is the mysterious stranger that rescued her from Charles. Viktoria and Seth go for a walk to get acquainted, while Charles and his gang decide to have some fun with Alicia. Charles ‘convinces’ Alicia to join them in killing some unsuspecting tourists and when Alicia discovers what she’s done, she has a complete breakdown. Later that night, Charles and the others terrorize and kill four Goth girls (Tasha Rudolph, Colleen Crumlish, Eryn Thomas and Erin Reagan), while Viktoria buys blood from an ambulance driver (Patrick McDade). The next evening, Viktoria finds Alicia dying from exposure to the sun. When Viktoria tells Seth about Alicia's death, he tells her that he knows how it feels to lose someone close and recounts how his girlfriend was killed when the two of them were attacked by a creature while hiking in the Appalachian mountains. The next day, one of Charles’ gang members warns Seth that Charles is going to kill him but Seth disregards the warning and, that night, Charles and Seth have a showdown on the beach. With his vampiric strength, Charles expects a quick kill but Seth reveals that he is actually a werewolf. Unfortunately, Charles is still able to defeat Seth and is about to kill him when Viktoria appears and rips Charles heart out…literally. The next day, Seth moves in with Viktoria and they live happily ever after.

Type of mind control: Vampiric stare

Mind control scenes:
The first mind control scene occurs when Seth goes looking for Viktoria at the place where she said she worked. The woman there says she has never heard of Viktoria until Charles shows up and uses his powers to 'convince' the woman that Viktoria has worked there for a month. The next mind control scene occurs when Charles uses his powers to get rid of Darius and then 'convinces' Alicia to go with them on a killing spree. There are also a couple of small scenes where Viktoria uses her powers to convince Seth's friends to tell her where to find him.

Subjective Rating: 4 out of 5
The mind control in this movie is well done, complete with glowing eyes to show it's being used so there's no mistake that people are actually being controlled. The scene where Charles 'convinces' the woman that Viktoria has worked in her sunglass shop for a month is particularly well done. I didn't feel the scene with Charles using his powers on Alicia was quite as good, finding that Amy Jo Johnson didn't do a good job portraying the fact that she was under Charles' control.

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