Tropical Tease


Genre: Comedy

Rating: NR

Brad (Christopher Green) is the janitor at a plush tropical resort and his girlfriend Lorna (Suzanne Ledon) is a maid. The bane of Brad's existence is the arrogant and abusive lifeguard Bud (P. C. Martinez), who is sleeping with beautiful guest Zucci (Michelle Goldsmith). Meanwhile, Brad's friends, Pete (Steve Bockus) the electrician and Rex (Gregory Van Dam) the plumber, are trying to score with Jenny (Stevie Cameron) the fitness instructor and Heather (Heather Victoria) the waitress. One day, Zucci's husband Bernie (Jeff Mustard), who’s a hit man for the mob, shows up and finds Bud's lifeguard shirt in Zucci's room. Deciding to lay low for a while, Bud offers to trade jobs with Brad. Unaware of the danger, Brad agrees, making him a target for Bernie and a bevy of sex-starved beauties. That night, while Brad avoids Bernie's murder attempts in blissful ignorance, Pete is busy creating a blender that will arouse any woman who comes near it and Rex is out cruising the local clubs. At one club, he sees Jenny moonlighting as a stripper. The next day, Rex fantasizes about Jenny, while Pete delivers his modified blender to the bar and causes Heather to get turned on when she mixes a drink. All the while, Brad remains unaware of Bernie's repeated attempts on his life and Bud skulks around the resort in Brad's janitor uniform. Later, when Rex takes Brad and Pete to see Jenny at the strip club, Lorna sees Brad and storms out in a huff. In the morning, Brad finally becomes aware that someone is trying to kill him when an arrow barely misses his head. He thinks that Lorna is out to get him but his friends convince him that Lorna isn't that mad at him and, together, they figure out why Bud offered to trade places with Brad. Deciding to teach Bernie a lesson, Heather gives him a drink laced with laxative, while Pete and Rex electrify his toilet. With Bernie temporarily out of the picture, Heather decides to check out her suspicion that Rex is incredibly well endowed by arranging for him to lose his swimsuit while parasailing. When Brad sees Lorna ogling the bottomless Rex, he confronts her and calls her a hypocrite. That night, Brad and Lorna make up, while Rex proves to Heather that he knows how to use his prodigious equipment and Pete introduces Jenny to better sex through electricity. The movie ends with Brad returning to be a lowly janitor, Rex becoming the new lifeguard and Bernie chasing Bud on a jet ski when he finally learns who was really sleeping with his wife.

Type of mind control: Electric aphrodisiac?

Mind control scenes:
There are only four very brief mind control scenes in this movie, all involving Pete's aphrodisiac blender. Heather is aroused by Pete's blender three times and Jenny is aroused by it once.

Subjective Rating: 1 out of 5
The mind control in this movie is far too brief and completely pointless. The effect Pete's modified blender has on Jenny and Heather is reasonably well portrayed but only lasts for a few fleeting seconds, with no aftereffects of any kind. It also has nothing to do with the main plot and seems to have been thrown in haphazardly as just another gimmick. If you're looking for good mind control, this isn't it.

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