Henry's Night In
©1969 Astro-Jemco Film Co.


Genre: Comedy

Rating: NR

Henry (Forman Shane) is a timid guy with an overbearing and abusive wife named Martha (Barbara Kline). Seeking help for his impotence, Henry is told by his therapist that the only way to overcome the mental block instilled in him by his puritanical mother is to make love to as many women as possible. Unfortunately, Henry is too shy and inhibited. Then suddenly, Henry remembers an old book he found containing a formula for invisibility. Henry makes some of the invisibility potion and disappears when he sneezes. Switching back and forth between visible and invisible with just a sneeze, Henry sneaks into the home of his sexy new neighbor Sandy, first watching her shower, then making love to her in the dark while pretending to be her boyfriend Jack. The next night, Henry sneaks into the home of Martha's best friend Dorothy, watching her exercise and bathe before eventually making love to her by pretending to be Jack. Buoyed by his new conquests, Henry's confidence begins to grow but Martha is suspicious of Henry's change in attitude. The following night, Martha throws a party to welcome Sandy to the neighborhood but Jack decides to have some fun. He buys some white mice and feeds them the formula, turning them invisible, then sneaks into the party and drops the mice down the women's dresses, causing them to rip off their clothes and run into the streets. Traumatized by being arrested for public indecency, Martha goes to visit the therapist. The therapist convinces Martha to let him hypnotize her, then makes love to her, telling her that she won't remember making love to him as the doctor but will only remember making love to him as Jack. He also tells her that, whenever she hears the name Jack, she will take off her clothes and make love to him. Still bothered by Henry's change in attitude, Martha sneaks into his workshop and finds the book on invisibility. Putting that together with Sandy and Dorothy's tales of their boyfriend's increased sexual prowess, Martha realizes what Henry is up to and warns her friends to turn the light on the next time Jack comes to visit. Sure enough, both Sandy and Dorothy catch their invisible lover red-handed forcing him to flee. Later, back at home, Henry says the word 'jack' and Martha throws herself at him. However, when Henry accuses her of being another of Jack's lovers, she reveals that she was only pretending and accuses him of being the one who's cheating. Martha, Sandy and Dorothy begin berating Henry but, when he explains that it was all Jack's idea, Sandy and Dorothy begin to take their clothes off. Realizing that Henry is right and Jack is the real villain, Martha wakes her friends from their trance and sends them home. Forgiving Henry but making him promise to give up his nocturnal experiments.

Type of mind control: Hypnosis

Mind control scenes:
The main mind control scene in this movie is when Jack the therapist hypnotizes Martha to make love to her. Martha also throws herself at Henry when he uses the word 'jack' near the end of the movie. Martha later says that she was only pretending to be hypnotized but whether she was or not isn't clear. Sandy and Dorothy are also supposed to be making love to Henry when he visits them in their homes and calls himself Jack because they're hypnotized to do so but they don't actually appear to be hypnotized. However, when Henry uses the name Jack while explaining why he did what he did, both Sandy and Dorothy definitely fall into a trance and remove their clothes.

Subjective Rating: 3 out of 5
This movie was written more to focus on Henry's adventures while he is invisible than to focus on the hypnosis aspect of the story. In fact, the women being hypnotized by Jack to make love to him whenever they hear his name seems like a plot that was thrown in at the last minute and doesn't always make sense. How Henry knows to call himself Jack when he sneaks into the women's houses isn't explained. Perhaps Jack told him to but we don't see him do it. And the fact that the women don't appear to be hypnotized when Henry calls himself Jack in their homes but they fall into a trance when he uses the name at the end of the movie is further evidence that they weren't originally supposed to be hypnotized. Still, Jacks hypnosis session with Martha and the scene with Sandy and Dorothy removing their clothes when they hear Jack's name were enjoyable and would definitely appeal to most mind control fans.

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