Fraternity Demon
©1992 Vista Street Entertainment


Genre: Comedy

Rating: R

The Sigma Upsilon Xi fraternity are throwing the 'hottest party ever' and to get the Alpha Sigma Sigma sorority to attend, they've hired sexy singer Jade (Brenda Holiday) and her band 'Shock-Ra' to perform. Unfortunately, Dave (Al Darrouch) may miss the party because Professor Erickson (Charles Laurette) is blackmailing him into working. Kelly (Deborah Carlin) offers to help Dave and it's obvious that Kelly has a thing for Dave but he doesn't seem to notice. The two of them quickly finish the work but they discover a strange incantation mixed in with the professor's papers and decide to give it a try. The incantation calls for 'a thousand voices', so Dave and Kelly use a computer to simulate a thousand people reciting the incantation. Unfortunately, the spell fries Dave's computer and destroys Professor Erickson's data. When, Professor Erickson arrives to collect his results, Dave and Kelly run away, unaware that Isha, the demon of sex and lust (Trixxie Bowie), has made her return to the mortal world after 500 year. Isha immediately tries to relieve centuries of pent-up sexual energy and completely exhausts one of the fraternity brothers. Dave eventually returns to the fraternity house and reluctantly tells Professor Erickson about his data being lost but the Professor is more interested in the spell that summoned Isha. He tells Dave that they have to find a way to send Isha back but, in reality, he searches for a way to control Isha. Meanwhile, the Alphas arrive and the party gets underway but things remain cool between the Alphas and the Sigmas. Dave and the Professor go looking for Isha, who has exhausted another Sigma, but get trapped in the bathroom. Dave calls out to Kelly for help but on her way to let Dave out of the bathroom, she encounters Isha singing with Jade and her band. With a wave of her hand, Isha transforms Kelly from a 'plain Jane' into a hot babe. When Kelly finally arrives to free Dave and Professor Erickson, Dave is stunned by Kelly's change in appearance. He's even more stunned by Kelly's change in attitude when she throws herself at him. The rest of the Alphas are also affected by Isha's music and start seducing the Sigmas. The party quickly turns into a wild orgy until Dave, Kelly and Professor Erickson confront Isha. Professor Erickson tries a spell to make Isha obey him but it fails miserably. When Isha discovers that Dave summoned her accidentally and doesn't want anything from her, she agrees to leave but takes Professor Erickson with her as payment. Dave and Kelly live happily ever after, while Professor Erickson is doomed to try and satisfy Isha's endless sexual appetite for the rest of eternity.

Type of mind control: Magic

Mind control scenes:
There is an early scene where Isha moves Professor Erickson like a puppet but this may or may not be mind control. When Isha starts to sing, all the girls of Alpha Sigma Sigma become aroused and start taking their clothes off and coming on to the boys of Sigma Upsilon Xi. Kelly is especially affected and goes from being shy and insecure to hot and horny. There is one final scene that may or may not be mind control when Isha is confronted and freezes all the couples who are making out. She then makes them move aside so she can pass.

Subjective Rating: 4 out of 5
The mind control in this movie is short but well presented. The change in the Alpha's attitude when Isha sings is obvious and Kelly’s change in attitude is even more obvious. The physical transformation she undergoes nicely parallels her mental change.

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