Cybersex Kittens
©1995 Pictor Entertainment


Genre: Comedy

Rating: NR

Allison (Mathea Webb) wakes up excited because her boyfriend Kenny (Robert Janashak) is taking her to the Sweetpea Festival but Kenny is far less enthusiastic about the idea. When he turns down a golf date with his friends Bradley (Hal Wamsley) and Sam (Alex Cohen), they decide to help him 'get his stones back' with a device Bradley created for his Master's project. However, instead of using their 'Attitude Adjuster' on Kenny, they use it on Allison to make her into Kenny's obedient slave whenever he snaps his fingers. Kenny is so impressed he tells Bradley and Sam they should market their device and they start Good Moods Inc. The first person they sell their device to is Jack (Don Ernst), who turns his girlfriend Dawn (Heather Lilly) into an airheaded nymphomaniac whenever he claps his hands. Meanwhile, Allison's friend Courtney (Shannyn Smedley), a photographer, becomes suspicious when Allison suddenly cancels a trip they were going to take because she has to take care of Kenny. Needing help to run their new business, Bradley and Sam recruit Leslie (Carrie Carrington), Susan (Laurie Doe) and Renee (Gayle Sievers) by using their device to turn them into cheerful and obedient little helpers. When Courtney has a nightmare about Allison being a puppet, she hires private investigator Wade (Tony Samuel) to look into Allison's sudden change in attitude. Meeting for lunch, Courtney and Wade see the effects of Bradley and Sam's device when Susan throws herself at a man (Jack Dane) who is whistling absentmindedly. Wade steals Bradley's wallet and checkbook and figures there's something going on when he sees the money Bradley has accumulated. Later, Bradley and Sam use their device to make their neighbor Gretchin (Katherine Burns) into another of their obedient helpers. When Courtney takes Wade to meet Allison, he tells Courtney that they have to find the original computer chip and destroy it. Unfortunately, Kenny calls Bradley to warn him that Courtney and Wade are on to them. Elsewhere, disturbed by the fact that she had sex with Jack, Dawn goes to see psychiatrist Dr. Merlot (Jim Korkis) but her personality changes every time he claps his hands. Meanwhile, two thugs named Vito (Mario Rosales) and Charlie (Thomas M. Cunliffe) have decided to horn in on Good Moods Inc. and are after the original computer chip too. To deal with Courtney, Kenny uses the device on two of her models (Gloria Lusiak and Zach Zohdy), making them attack her whenever her camera flashes but Coutney is able to escape. Later, while checking out Bradley and Sam's place, Coutney is captured and they use the device to question her before making her forget why she was there. They also make her go into a rage whenever she hears the word 'blow'. That night, when Wade reads a fortune cookie with the word 'blow' in it, Courtney attacks him. Luckily, Wade figures out what's happening and vows to get even with Bradley and Sam. Back at Dr. Merlot's office, Susan goes to see the doctor to find out why she attacked the man in the restaurant. When Dr. Merlot whistles and Susan starts taking her clothes off, he realizes that both Dawn and Susan are victims of mind control. Meanwhile, Allison's neighbor Gladys (Mary Novak) has used the device to turn her sexually promiscuous granddaughter Jill (Debra Ables) into a prude. Wade breaks into Bradley and Sam's, looking for the computer chip, while Courtney tricks Allison into going with her by telling her that Kenny is out of beer. Unfortunately, Vito and Charlie show up and capture everyone. Luckily, Wade tricks Charlie into putting the device on and turns him to their side. They then use Charlie to get the drop on Vito and use the device to turn him into a child. Courtney and Wade deprogram everyone but when they go to destroy the computer chip, Dawn insists on doing it herself. Then, while no one is looking, she steals the chip and destroys only the box, taking the chip and leaving with Dr. Merlot. Finally, Courtney and Allison uses the last of the devices to turn Bradley, Sam and Kenny into sensitive plant lovers and the deprogrammed Jill turns her grandmother into a slut.

Type of mind control: Machine

Mind control scenes:
There are too many mind control scenes in this movie to list them individually. Let's just say most of the major characters have the device used on them at one point or another. Allison is turned into Kenny's obedient slave, constantly begging to rub his feet or fetch him a beer. Bradley and Sam turn Leslie, Susan, Renee and Gretchin into their cheerful helpers, happily wandering around in their underwear and waiting on Bradley and Sam hand and foot. Sam and Bradley use the device to make Courtney tell the truth and ask her questions like the most orgasms she's ever had in a single night (answer: 8). They also make Courtney turn on Wade. Charlie is turned into a good guy while Vito is turned into a child. Finally, Bradley, Sam and Kenny are turned into sissies who love to plant flowers. There are also minor characters that feel the devices effects.

Subjective Rating: 4 out of 5
Keep in mind that this rating is only for the mind control. The movie itself suffers from short choppy scenes, incredible leaps in logic that make no sense and characters that appear out of nowhere for no apparent reason. The mind control is very good though, with the changes in attitude being well portrayed. The only reason the movie didn't receive a 5 is because of the inconsistency of the mind control device. A trigger is supposedly used to activate and deactivate the devices effects but it also seems to make full time changes in the person...but not always. Luckily, when you have a movie with a bevy of beautiful women who are eager to please, a lot can be forgiven.

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