Below is a list of movies that I have been told contain hypnosis and/or mind control and are waiting to be added to my site. Many of these movies I have not had the opportunity to view so I can't personally say whether they contain hypnosis and/or mind control. Therefore, I make no guarantees about their hypnosis/mind control content.

Alice (1990 Romance/Drama/Fantasy/Comedy)
Amityville 1992: It’s About Time (1992 Horror)
Assford Wives, The (1992 Adult)
Audrey Rose (1977 Horror)
Babe Magnet (1994 Adult)
Baby Face 2 (1986 Adult)
Babylon Pink (1979 Adult)
Baron of Darkness II (Adult)
Believers, The (1987 Horror/Thriller)
Big Thrill, The (1989 Adult)
Birds Do It (1966 Comedy)
Blue Demon contra el poder satánico (1965 Horror) (in Spanish)
Body Shop (1973 Horror)
Brainscan (1994 Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller)
Bush Whacked (1991 Adult)
Captain America (1944 Action)
Casino Royale (1967 Comedy)
Count Dracula’s Great Love (1972 Horror)
Dead Pit, The (1989 Horror)
Delinquent School Girls (1974)
Demon Rage (1981 Horror)
Devil Rides Out, The (1968 Horror)
Dick Tracy (1945 Action/Mystery)
Disco Teenies 2 (?) (In German)
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (1998 Comedy/Romance)
Donovan’s Brain (1953 Sci-Fi)
Double Feature (1998 Adult)
Dracula 2000 (2000 Horror)
Erotic Adventures of Bedman and Throbbin, The (1989 Adult)
Erotic Rites of Frankenstein (1972 Horror)
Essence of a Woman (1993 Adult)
F3: Frantic, Frustrated and Female (1994 Adult?)
Feast for the Devil (1971 Horror)
Flash Gordon (1980 Fantasy/Action/Sci-Fi)
Flash Trance (1985 Adult)
Generation X (1996 Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi)
Ghoulies (1985 Horror)
Harry the Horny Hypnotist (Adult)
Hart to Hart (TV series pilot) (1979 Adventure/Crime)
Hidden, The (1987 Action/Horror/Sci-Fi)
Hipnosis (1962)
Horrors of the Black Museum (1959 Horror)
Hypno Sex (1960s? Adult)
Hypnosis (1999 Fantasy/Horror/Thriller) (Japanese w/English subtitles)
Hypnotix (?) (In French)
I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957 Horror/Sci-Fi)
Incredibly Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies, The (1963 Horror/Musical)
Infra-Man (1975 Sci-Fi)
Inseminator, The (1994 Adult)
Joanna’s Dreams (1988 Adult)
Jungle Book (1942 Fantasy/Action/Adventure)
Jungle Book, The (1967 Family/Animation/Comedy/Musical)
Keeper, The (1976 Drama/Horror/Mystery)
Kiss and Kill (1968 Adventure/Crime/Horror/Sci-Fi)
Lathe of Heave, The (1980 Sci-Fi)
Magic Pool (1988 Adult)
Manchurian Candidate, The (1962 Thriller)
Masters of the Universe (1987 Fantasy/Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi)
Meatball (1978 Adult)
Mesmerized (1986 Drama)
Mind Games (Adult)
Mis-Spelled (1999 Adult)
Muffy the Vampire Layer (1992 Adult)
Night Tales (1996 Adult)
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970 Comedy/Musical)
Operation Condor 2: The Armour of the Gods (1986 Action/Adventure/Comedy)
Perfect Little Angels (1998 Horror/Thriller)
Playgirls and the Vampire, The (1962 Horror)
Please Not Now! (1961 Comedy)
Prime Evil (1988 Horror)
Psychic, The (1968 Drama/Fantasy/Horror)
Psycho Beach Party (2000 Comedy/Horror/Thriller)
Puppet Masters, The (1994 Sci-Fi)
Rainwoman #14 (Adult)
Re-Animator (1985 Horror)
Revenge of the Ninja (1983 Action)
Santa Sangre (1989 Drama/Horror)
Search for Bridey Murphy, The (1956)
Secrets of the French Police (1932 Crime)
Seduced by Evil (1994 Thriller)
Sex at Six (Adult)
Sexually Bewitched (1999 Adult)
Shipwreck (1998 Adult)
Shout, The (1978 Horror)
Slave of Pleasure (1978 Adult)
Stormswept (1995 Horror)
Swing Fever (1944 Comedy)
Three Stooges Meet Hercules, The (1962 Comedy/Fantasy)
Throne of Fire, The (1982 Fantasy)
Tommyknockers, The (1993 Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller)
Undead, The (1957 Horror)
Ultimate Attraction, The (2000 Comedy)
Vampire’s Coffin, The (1957 Horror)
Virgin Dreams (1996 Adult)
Wet Dream on Elm Street (1988 Adult) (incomplete)
Witchouse 2: Blood Coven (2000 Horror)
X-Girls (Adult)

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